How Do Angels And Spirit Guides Allow Bad Things To Happen?

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Dear Laura,
You stated that you believe that everyone has spirits, and angels that watch over us; yet, bad things continue to happen. How are they watching and protecting us? Thank you for your time and expertise.

Dear K,

You are confusing the presence of spirits and angels with a limited view of the roles that they play. Spirit guides and angels are here to support us, inspire us, encourage us, remind us, and yes, at times protect us. But what one person deems as a ‘bad thing’ can often be viewed from several other points of view. We are after all, here to learn and to grow as souls. If we didn’t get tests and challenges and obstacles, how would we do that?

Stretch yourself not to think in such narrow terms. Help, support, & protection from The Other Side comes in many forms. What can appear as a ‘bad thing’ happening in one moment can be turned into something very profound in the next.

Laura Scott
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