Was Martha Stewart’s Incarceration Sexist?

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What did you think of all the Martha Stewart hoopla when she went to jail? Was this a case of someone reaping what they sow? Was it sexist?

Dear Curious,

I think it was both interesting, sad , and sexist on several levels. Stewart was one of a relatively short list of prominent business women with money and power in the U.S. at that time here. She was convicted for receiving inside information on a stock that amounted to her saving $55k.

At the same time ENRON, TYCO, and Haliburton scandals involved far more men and millions.  The prosecution of Stewart for a $55k stock tip sent a message to women in power whether intended or not that the system still has a ways to go.

Stewart was also held accountable in the court of public opinion as a successful rich businesswoman at a time when many felt resentful and powerless to hold those in power accountable. The same characteristics that helped Stewart compete as a businesswoman in a male dominated field were viewed in double standards—since men exhibiting the same behaviors are judged in far more glowing terms.

Post Stewart’s release, she’s been a model citizen, mogul, and managed to become even more likeable with a well publicized friendship / collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

We soul’s chart opportunities for all sorts of experiences for many reasons. Stewart’s prosecution gave layers of learning lessons for all of us, not just for her alone.