Do People Ever Share Angels And Guides?

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I am wondering if each person on earth has their own angel(s) and spirit guides or do people ever share angels and guides? The reason for this question is because there are so many people on earth, are there as many angels and spirit guides for EACH individual?
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Hi Mila, thanks for writing. A good question. Yes the earth plane is a busy, bustling place! There are a lot of us here now AND there is a lot of interest in the earth at this time in history. We each have our own main guide, and a wonderful assortment of assistant guides, angels, Master Teachers, and let’s also not forget fairies, deceased loved ones, and animal totems looking in on us. There is some sharing of coverage, but rest assured, it does not mean anyone is ever shortchanged. Think of it like parents and children: moms/dads are responsible for theirs, but also from time to time help out with others. Assistant guides help with shared coverage. Angels have many they look after and care for. As our lives change and evolve, so too does the amount of coverage we may need. Remember, guides and benefactors come in all shapes and sizes. And we also have support coming in from other dimensions and realms as well. It is an Infinite Universe!

Laura Scott
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