HSP Personal Boundaries And Self Care

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Dear Laura,
Is it part of my mission to process other people’s pain in this world or do I need to erect clear boundaries so that I don’t absorb as much of other people’s stuff, since I am so sensitive? If it is part of my mission, that’s fine. I will accept that as part of my journey.

Dear Susan,

By all means, erect clear boundaries and take care of yourself! Your first obligation as a soul is to love and care for you. Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s) need to be extra extra careful with boundaries and self-care work. If you don’t have boundaries in place you will get so bogged down energetically that you won’t be able to get out of bed in the morning and function in your life. Everything will begin to set you off and exhaust or irritate you. Then how will you be of help to anyone? It’s just like the airlines say, “Secure your own oxygen mask FIRST and then assist those around you.”

HSP’s and those who work in careers where they are close to other people’s energies all the time (body workers, Medical practitioners, care givers, hairdressers, etc.) need to be sure to prioritize themselves and regularly get themselves ‘back into the charging base’ or they will burn out completely and be of no use to anyone.