Janey’s Good Death

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Not every call that comes into my office is as simple as some would think. This is part of what makes being a channel for healing so special.

“Janey” was a glorious, sparkling, open-minded woman in her 30’s. She was passionate, determined, talented and beloved. Her light was unmistakable. She really loved life right up until she exercised her right to die.

Yes, you read that correctly. When a painful genetic disease stole her quality of life, all pain medications failed, Janey lost her ability to sleep, eat, and even lay down so she sought out her right to follow a good life with a good death. Despite all her best efforts, and many brave months of fighting disease, Janey’s body was failing and out of options. She was terrified of being imprisoned in the agony of her body for a few more torturous weeks or months before her heart finally gave out.

Understandably, some people will be very uncomfortable with this subject. Her choices, and any compassion or comfort that I offered her prior to her exit are considered taboo. I learned a long time ago when I started working as a professional in this business –almost 20 years now– that my job was not to judge people, it was to listen and assist. God defines the healing. The Committee I channel has wisdom far greater than mine. My Guides, intuition, abilities, healing gifts, they are not about judgment, only compassion and empowerment. Janey chose me well.

Obvious as it is, we are all born to die, but it’s just not a subject we are comfortable discussing yet. Death isn’t something any of us ever wants to imagine as unpleasant, prolonged, or painful, even though, sadly sometimes it is. Metaphysicians such as myself know the role of ego as an illusion artist, “a trickster”, especially since death is certain for us all. Yet the mind/ego pushes it out like a stubborn kid, humming a tuneless ‘la la la’ song while holding our hands over our ears…as if we can somehow ‘block it out.’

But what would you do if your body was failing and you were losing control over it? When would be the time to do something, and then what would it be? Perhaps more importantly—what would your rights be? In many states and countries there are laws keeping a person from exercising those rights. Right To Die organizations offer organized discussions on a stressful subject for those who need support, resources, legal ease and information.

Divine Order being what it is, I had just seen a movie on Dr. Kevorkian days before Janey called in dire need of compassionate, non-judgmental support. I was ready for the discussion, and honored that Janey’s intuition and guides had led her to me. I knew she was in the right place.

Please be clear, we are NOT talking about suicide as a hasty, permanent solution to a temporary problem. It’s something entirely different when illness progresses to a point where quality of life is gone and there is no hope of recovery. Many things can lead an individual to contemplating a decision like this: debilitating pain, central nervous system malfunctions, terminal disease, things like Alzheimer’s, MS, Lou Gehrig’s, to name a few.

The Right to Die movement is about when quality of life has deteriorated to a point where the patient decides they do not want to suffer or for others to see them suffer as the rest of their body winds down; nor do they want others to have to make decisions for them, so they make a conscious choice to take steps to end their life.

Before you judge, ask yourself, can you imagine terrible pain that was only going to get worse and not go away? Or how about being in a physical state where your body couldn’t sleep or communicate that you were in terrible pain, while your mind was still alert to feel it?

By the time Janey reached out to me, she was extremely well read on the Right to Die components pertaining to her. She was ready. Her mind was quickly working out logistics before her body could not. Professionally speaking, I know I helped her in all the right and necessary ways…she told me that before we said our emotional good byes. I felt it, too.

But personally speaking… it angered me that this dear sweet spirit would have to go to unspeakable lengths to claim their right to death and end their own suffering. Where was the peace? The dignity? or humanity? It made no sense. Everyone likes to talk about living a good life, but no one wants to talk about dying a good death, were these really the best choices for “non-assisted” exits we had? Really?

I admit I wasn’t paying close attention back in the early 90’s about Dr. Kevorkian; ‘Dr. Death’ as he was called was on the news. I wasn’t clear what all the fuss was about. I remember folks really getting twisted about it. I now know Dr. Kevorkian was a blessing during his time on earth. He sought to give all of us the option to die with dignity. He was misunderstood, feared, reviled, beloved…a true catalyst. Still. Years after his own death his name still sparks controversy, jokes, discomfort and heated discussions.

We all deserve the right to exit this earthly voyage with dignity and grace though–without fears of legal repercussions to our friends should they want to help us leave gracefully, without finding our choices being blocked by well-intentioned/misguided relatives who are afraid to lose us (which some state laws allow), without having to fight for our very right to leave, or having to travel around the world to ensure success.

Death is part of life. Dying a good death should be part of our thinking equation, and yet somehow most of us are still in Scarlett O’Hara mode– “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

After Janey and I spoke, I cleared my schedule at the appropriate time, gathered myself, lit the incense and candles on my altar, slipped into a prayerful trance, and arranged for myself and any other healers I could reach on the ethers to etherically ‘meet’ and assist Janey on the energetic plane, it didn’t take long to see Janey’s energy and feel her… she was so ready… looking for us in the darkness… in a rush of love, and miraculous wonder I saw the image of us gently tipping Janey over a volley ball net, as if she where the ball… directly into the arms of the Arc Angels, her team waiting on The Other Side, and I felt her joyous release deep in the core of my being… the Arc Angels had caught her. She made it! I felt the tears of release on my cheeks.

A few days later, Janey kept her word and started getting in touch. The signs were as lighthearted and fun as she was, amongst other things, she turned my computer on repeatedly one night, each time to a page with her name on it-making sure I would laugh out loud and not miss the spirit of her soul’s music. She’s very happy now, adjusted quickly and feeling robust! She also managed to leave several confirmation signs for one of the other etheric healers who prayed for her that night as well.

Before she passed Janey gave me her blessing to share parts of her story in order to urge others to think more about the importance of supporting organizations in the Right to Die movement.

Now that is a good death, still touching us all. Well done Janey.

Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.