Everybody Counts and We Need You

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As a teenager back in the seventies, amongst all the lime green paint and flowers in my bedroom I had a poster hanging on the wall of a large thumbprint. Some marketing genius had blown it up to nearly 2 feet in height, printed a happy face, arms, and legs on it and at the bottom was written in big letters: “I’m Thumbody!” Not exactly the stuff of museums, but like I said it was the seventies…

I didn’t know then how prophetic and powerful it was, that simplistic neon poster with the enlarged swirls of a fingerprint. I remember staring at it and using a magnifying glass to see if any of my own fingerprints had something in common with that hanging, self-assured one. I was from a mixed up middle class home in suburbia and that’s what kids did alone in their rooms after contemplating the cosmos. At least that’s what this one did. “I’m Thumbody.” I used to think a lot about that. Am I really? I didn’t feel like somebody. I felt lost between the worlds of childhood and adulthood: misunderstood, without a voice, frustrated and confused a lot of the time. Didn’t we all.

Flash forward to the present: fall 2004. The world is immersed in complexities: war, fears, illusions, elections – all sharply contrasted by a spiritual renaissance that is simultaneously taking place. As part of that spiritual renaissance, there is a shifting of consciousness and a reexamining of the self. Many are seeking answers to the same questions I pondered while staring at that poster as a teenager back in the seventies. People want to feel heard. They are searching for their identities in both the physical and spiritual worlds. There is frustration, confusion, and even apathy.

I now work as a leader in the field of metaphysics inspiring people to understand new truths about themselves. Indeed, just like that poster asserted decades ago, I am somebody. We are all somebody. I teach this everyday to spiritually seeking folks just like your self. I help people to understand the choices we are faced with now, and to close-up the gaps of contrast between them. Being a spiritual person does not mean that we must drop out of society and quit participating in its systems. Each of us is playing an important role during this historic time on earth every single one of us!

Each one of us is still as Divinely Unique as our own DNA and our own fingerprints. Each one of us IS somebody. Each one of us is valued as precious by Divine and each one of us matters. If we didn’t matter, why would such intimate detail be given to every single person alive on the planet today so that no two of us are exactly alike? If your opinion doesn’t matter, why would The Universe give you one?

The answer is very simple. You are somebody and you matter! You can honor your spiritual renaissance by paying attention to your choices each day. Choices either celebrate our spirits or they do not. Choices move us into the driver’s seat or into the back seat. Our choices either help us feel to feel empowered or dis-empowered. They can help us feel connected with ourselves, with others, and with a bigger picture. We choose to either be part of a problem, or part of a solution. Each and every choice we make either validates us as unique, beautiful spiritual beings or it does not. It is quite simply a matter of consciousness. Either we understand our power, or we don’t.

Are you one of 50% of the population in the United States who didn’t bother to participate in the presidential voting process four years ago? Do you still believe that your vote doesn’t matter? Or that as one person, you don’t make any difference to the outcome or to the world? Choosing to exercise your God given right to vote is an important step towards validating your spiritual worth. Voting is both an affirmation and a celebration of your spirit. It says you believe your voice matters, your participation is important, and that as a spiritual being, you acknowledge your roll. It connects you back to the larger plan. AND it can profoundly impact the bigger plan. It says you believe you are somebody worth being counted.

There are many highly educated people on ‘the spiritual path’ who don’t participate in the process of elections. As a leader in metaphysics I question that logic. If you are happy with the state of your life, your country, or your world, then choosing to participate in voting to maintain the status quo makes good sense. If you see things that can be improved, are questioning choices and directions, then making a conscious choice to vote for change makes sense. It shows intelligent consideration.

But if you believe that your voice doesn’t matter, or that the process is too flawed to bother with, then you are also saying that you don’t matter, and no matter what you do, you won’t ever matter. Being willing to go on record is to participate in a validation of your spirit. If you believe you are thumbody, then you will understand how much the world needs every single person to participate. Please vote. Everybody counts and we need you.

Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.