Grieving Pet Loss / Animal Euthanasia

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Dear Laura,
This year I lost my beautiful pet Jason. He was put to sleep do to complications from diabetes. I often wonder if I did the right thing, and does he know how much I love him? I told him that when he got Home to let me know he made it alright. That afternoon I smelled roses as I was standing near his water bowl. I knew it was him. I loved him as my son. And i just need to know if he still loves me. He will always be my baby boy.

Dear Elizabeth, I understand your loss friend. Yes, you did the right thing because as much as Jason loved you, he was really losing his quality of life and suffering. He viewed your action as a kindness, but was worried that you wouldn’t be okay without him. Rest easy, he knows how much you loved him. He even gave you the sign you asked for and continues to come around you – haven’t you seen him out of the corner of your eye, and at times heard the sounds of his steps in the house? Yes. All your love is eternal, and you will be together once again.

Now, I have a message from him for you: when the time is right, he is asking that you find a new ‘brother or sister,’ because he says that you are just too good at it not to have another being to love from the animal kingdom. He’ll help you find the way. Of course you are not replacing him he says matter of factly, he just knows that you have more left to give to another and he doesn’t want to see that go unused when there is so much need here. Don’t worry, he will keep close tabs on it all, and your new pet will be most aware of his presence.

I know what it is like to lose a family member like your beloved Jason. It leaves a hole bigger than the Grand Canyon. But Jason is right, you do have a lot left to give whether you know it yet or not, and when the time is right-go ahead and meet another member of your Divine Family here on earth. It will all be okay.