Moving On After The Loss of A Loved One

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Hi Laura,
I can’t seem to move on since my loss of a loved one. I feel his presence a lot of the time. Is he happy and does he know how sorry I was that I wasn’t there?

Dear T.,

Yes, your loved one is happy and well. It is time to release your regrets and move on dear. You have already been completely forgiven by him, and your own guilt is not serving you or your beloved. In fact, by holding on to guilt and regret over something which we no longer have control, we cause ourselves a great deal of stress and angst that is actually upsetting to our loved ones on The Other Side. It makes it harder for them to move forward, harder for them to communicate with us, harder for ourselves to heal and harder for us to begin adjusting to the new ways our loved ones will be with us.

So release it dear. Create a ritual for yourself. Write a letter full of all the regrets and then burn it (safely) up to the ethers. Say out loud as it is going up in smoke, “I let go of what no longer serves me. I give myself permission to move on. I deserve a good life, to be happy, to learn and to grow. I am willing to do my part. The past no longer controls me. I am free.”

Remember sweetie, guilt is one human emotion that can erode the mind, body and spirit. When you know better, you do better. It’s that simple. Now forward you go.