Nine Year Old With MS

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Dear Laura,
I have a friend who has twin boys (age 9). One was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy about a 1 1/2 years ago. He has went from showing symptoms to total wheel chair bound within this year and a half. Are there any cures in the near future? Or is there anything that will slow down or possibly put him in remission? Do you have any advice or doctors that she can contact to help her with this? I know that they attend the MDS Clinic and have been turned down on trial drug studies. I am thinking that maybe something for sure will come along to help him in time. Thank you for taking questions that could possible make a difference in someone’s life!
Debbie M.

Dear Debbie M.,

Muscular Dystrophy is one of the neuromuscular conditions that will become a thing of the past as researchers are cleared to move forward and unravel pieces of cell research and the human genome. This is why it is so critical for funding in these areas of research to be cleared. Write your congressional representatives and urge them to support the research that is just waiting to be unraveled. We will see significant movement on this in the next 3-5 years, sooner if the funding is released and those who have been blocking it become more enlightened or are replaced.

I suggest some Nutritional Response Testing, so that his food sensitivities can be cleared off and his immune system be less taxed, as well as integrating his care with other Holistic modalities. Things like Bach Flower Remedies (Oak, Walnut and Gorse would be wonderful), as well as Cranio-sacral body work, water related therapies, and acupuncture. These types of modalities are excellent at addressing the energy ‘hiccups’ happening in neuromuscular conditions. You can also teach him to say affirmations out loud like: “My life is a wonderful dance.” “I am free to be the best me I can be.” “I go beyond other people’s limitations.”

I would also encourage you to understand this from the perspective of the soul. Each one of us has a life plan or soul chart. We plan it all on The Other Side before we come here: our life themes, events, etc… Part of this child’s soul chart includes a fallibility line. This means he has chosen to experience certain physical challenges in order to perfect as a soul, as well as to teach and inspire the rest of us. Thank you for writing and I am sending along my prayers.