What’s The Difference Between Karma And Fate?

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Dear Laura,
What is the difference between fate and Karma? I often feel a strong connection to another person and believe we have had past lives together. Do we always have to repeat past life issues or are we here again with the chance to resolve those issues? If someone hurt you or thought you were responsible in the past, does this mean it is doomed to happen again?

Dear Curious,

Don’t worry, both fate and Karma are sometimes used in overlapping ways. Fate is a belief that something is supposed to be happening as deemed by a power greater than yourself. Karma is a Hindu or Buddhist term describing when actions bring upon themselves inevitable results (good or bad!) in this life or in reincarnation….creating a type of fate.

Yes, it is common to meet people and have a feeling of resonance-either good or bad. But, I don’t believe that fate or Karma must be viewed with a form of resignation or fatalistic approach. If we remain aware and conscious in the moment, constantly seeking understanding from the Highest Place possible, then we do have the ability to learn and grow and affect changes to what was previously thought to be predetermined. That is what our free will affords us. In other words, if you recognize something as your chance to do better now, and do so, you can heal karma and shift outcomes. That is why free will is such a powerful force!

Laura Scott
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