Real or Imagined…Did I Really Meet My Spirit Guide In Meditation?

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Dear Laura,
I tried a meditation to meet my Spirit Guide and someone did indeed show up, but I don’t know if it was real or just my imagination. (I don’t want to be talking to myself.)
How can one tell the difference?
Very Sincerely,

Hi TS,

Thanks for your question. That indeed was one of your guides, appearing as you requested. Guided meditations to meet your spirit guides work. There are several good ones out there, I recommend my Ancient Stardust Tools for Change CD: Higher Purpose (click for info) where in addition to meeting your guides, angels and animal messengers, loved ones on The Other Side have been coming in to visit during the meditation as well. As long as you are using a meditation with proper grounding and centering techniques (which help to insure that only The Highest and Best come through), you can rest assured that you have had contact and weren’t imagining things. Ask whoever shows up what their role is in assisting you, how to best reach them again in the future, and if they have any signs they would like to use to help let you know that they are there for you. Try asking questions in different ways and don’t over analyze their response. Guides, Angels and such speak in matter of fact terms, infused with love, humor and understanding. Congratulations TS!

Laura Scott
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