Did My Deceased Father Take Back A Ring To The Other Side?

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Dearest Laura,
After my father passed away, my mother gave me her wedding ring which she had made into a pin for me. When we were going for a reading, I wore the pin. Before leaving for that reading, I realized the pin was gone off my blouse…lost. During a subsequent reading this past summer, I was told that my father took it back. I don’t understand this. Can you help me to understand this?
Thank you. –Susan

Dear Susan,

I am sorry for your loss of such an interesting and emotional piece of jewelry and heritage. However, I completely disagree with the idea that your father took it back. What would he do with it on The Other Side? Wear it? That’s ridiculous. Your father is in a place of perfection and energy; he wouldn’t need a piece of jewelry in order to ‘feel’ at peace or more complete. Retrace your steps, post rewards, and check carefully inside the bottom of the lining of your coat, and underneath all the furniture.

Laura Scott
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