Is My Rescued Dog My Reincarnated Father?

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Hi Laura,
I rescue animals. The other day a dog arrived who was a stray. He came in with the name Paddy. I was looked after by a man called Paddy for the whole of my childhood. This man Paddy died when I was 14. It might sound mad but I am so close to this dog and he is very close to me. Could it be a case of reincarnation? My partner says we should not keep him but I am so reluctant to let him go to another home just in case he was meant to be with me. Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you
Lisa, U.K.

Hello Lisa,

Your surrogate father, Paddy, is not this dog. People do not generally reincarnate as pets. However, your guides and your surrogate father have sent you this dog to assist you with your own process and healing. You need each other. Now I know you can’t go saying yes to adopting every animal that comes along, however tell your partner that this one stays. It is a gift to you from Divine to help heal your heart. Accept it. Enjoy it. Welcome it in.

Paddy the dog was sent to you by the man who you thought of as a father…and he will be most pleased you do not miss his offering chosen just for you since he feels there is much mutual benefit a.k.a. healing …for yourself and this dog in this match. The synchronicity of names was used here to help you to not miss this magical opportunity (calling special attention to this dog sent to you by a special spirit who loves you very much). Recognize the power of this helper gift for what it is…complete with a name sent straight from your surrogate father Paddy! Since he couldn’t be there, he sent you a rock star dog also named Paddy to tend you instead.

Congratulations on your new addition! It is going to be a win/win for everyone involved.