Coping With Grief And Guilt Over Cousin Dying Alone

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Dear Laura,
I just learned that my cousin died. Apparently he was all alone and suffering with an illness. I feel just horrible thinking he had no one there and died alone. I could really use some comfort at this time. Thank you.
— BB

Dearest BB,

I am sorry for your shock and loss. His passing was mercifully fast, and thank goodness because the human condition can be full of enough suffering without having to bear extra at the “end”. We do have it all backwards, though. We should weep in pity at a soul’s birth (ya’ got a lot of life years to wade > through ya’ poor thing!) and dance in joy at a souls graduation and transition time. Lucky them, they got to go home!

In reality, most of us die alone, although we are surrounded by an abundant array of guides, angels and loved ones who’ve gone on before us. We can’t control death and dying for someone else. Even if you had flown to his bedside, there were no guarantees. Many loved ones vacate the body when a family member leaves the room for a brief cup of coffee, after hours and days of keeping a bedside vigil. I think this is more often the case then not. Know that your loved one has left all Earthly suffering behind and now swims and bathes eternal in the light.

Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.