Is My Dog Psychic?

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Dear Laura,
My dog knows when I am coming home even though it is a different time each day. He waits for me at the window. How could he know? Is he psychic?
–Stacey Jill

Dear SJ,

Yes, but in a different way than us humans are. Companion animals are very sensitive to our energy. There was a great study done on this a couple years back, documented on film for TLC, that at the precise moment that a pet owner would decide to leave work, their beloved dog would go and begin a sitting vigil by their front door awaiting their arrival home. This held true no matter what day, and even when the owner changed their schedule over the course of several days and continued to vary their return time. Each and every time, the dog promptly got up and started their vigil as if on invisible cue at the same time as the owner decided to leave work. They showed this from several different scenarios with different owners and different animals. It was fascinating. We need to give our animal companions more credit for what they know through our vibratory shifts and intuitive pathways. They aren’t called God’s Creatures for nothing!

Laura Scott
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