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Leap and my arms will catch you.  

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Sometimes the only way out of grief is through. It’s been said that each day we are reborn, live, & die again. So where are you in that cycle and what will you grow in your time of rebirth?

How do you want to live?

Phenomenal Phoenix, I know how soul-shattering some breakups are… sometimes you can’t let go even when you are being dragged behind the bumper on the car of life. All breakups and divorces aren’t the same. Neither are people. You are unique…magical. And so, so, special. Your soul work is calling you! 

Leap and my arms will catch you.  Together we will help you navigate through the fog of your breakup into healing empowerment so that when you are ready…you are available for the next amazing new things The Universe has in store for you.  Fully forward, poised, and prepared. Smarter, better, wiser…thinking on new levels with integrated information. 

No matter how scary it is and how awful it hurts right now… …we WILL find YOUR LIGHT. And your bearing. You don’t have to lug (another) bag of wounds with you as time moves forward and your relationship changes. We can heal that. Together! Pssst….Big secret…you are so worthy of healing!!! Our dark nights of the soul make us stronger. I can help you find your way through the darkness and into your wisdom.

You are safe here.

In some languages, a ‘crisis’ translates to ‘an opportunity’. Let’s find yours together.  In your ancient stardust.

We’ll meet by phone a minimum of twice a month for the length of your bespoke recorded program. I’ll even take notes for you so you can relax into the work and have those as well.

Enjoy Flexibility—meet weekly or biweekly. Choose longer sessions, 90 or 120 min sessions vs 60 mins. We’ll simply reconfigure your time purchase. Example, a 6 session mentoring program (360 mins) may be scheduled as:  6(60min) or 4(90min) sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

Special added value bonuses include: Distance Energy Healing weeks (max of 3 weeks depending on package), Bonus Recordings and downloadable meditations for package participants.

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6 Sessions/3 Months, 12 Sessions/6 Months, Single 90-Minute Mentoring Session, Single 120-Minute Mentoring Session