MENTORING & COACHING – Name Your Mission


Name your personal, pioneering, soul-preneur adventure. 

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Claim your path through the stars. Name your mission beloved! What’s on your precious heart that needs a safe place to unfold with a Divine Wing Woman? This is the place for your personal pioneering adventure, creative expression & great work—


What do you want? What are you living for? What do you love? What brings you joy? Questions like these asked at the right time followed by impactful guidance can profoundly shift your life. 


Perhaps your new career, your health, your solopreneur adventure are calling! 


Up-level…your life, a project, your business, or suss out your entrepreneurial ideas to start one. 


Or you could be feeling lost in a hazy maze of emotional fog wondering why your relationship isn’t working. Maybe you already know it isn’t…now what? & How? Perhaps it’s about how you’ve been cat-fished…and you need a tow back to your own ship. Health Crisis Support? Birthing your book? Build your business, launch your business, focus your brand, change your lane. Rescue & recover your self-esteem… Astronaut, I got you. There’s a reason why you are here…and I promise you are meant to be at home among the stars…

The stardust in your soul is speaking.

Let’s get to work! 


Astronaut, this is Houston. Rotate flaps 0.25 bearing…


We’ll meet by phone a minimum of twice a month for the length of your bespoke recorded program.

Enjoy Flexibility—meet weekly or biweekly. Choose longer sessions, 90 or 120 min sessions vs 60 mins. We’ll simply reconfigure your time purchase. Example, a 6 session mentoring program (360 mins) may be scheduled as:  6(60min) or 4(90min) sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

Special added value bonuses include: Distance Energy Healing days (max of 3 depending on package), Bonus PDFs, Recordings and downloadables, occasional extended time for 12 week package participants.

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6 Sessions/3 Months, 12 Sessions/6 Months, Single 90-Minute Mentoring Session, Single 120-Minute Mentoring Session