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It’s about a lot more than money, honey!

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It’s about a lot more than money, honey!

Precious, perfect, innocent you…arrived here on earth an intricate sponge.

And bit by bit that sponge began to absorb things directly, indirectly, what was overheard, inferred, implied, expected.


Until the day you arrived here, grown. Searching…

Hurting because something led you here…

with a whole lotta peanut butter glommed on your chocolate.

So let’s take that cosmic deep dive together into your Akashic history.

Identify & pull the weeds in your mystical garden so your quality plants have room to shine & grow.

We’ll look at who you are now.

Who’ve you’ve been in the past.

How it’s all impacting who you want to be in your exquisite future.

This impacts the lens of…oh just everything!!!

Prosperity on all levels is waiting for you!

Let’s take a grand tour together!

I’ll help you build the ship to fly there. 

We’ll use all my coolest mystical mojo methods, laser lightsabers, and exquisite energizers

to open up your space and beam you up—one eye-opening, soul-stretching, love-filled session together at a time.


This is where you up-level. 

This package (and all packages) can be renewed & renewed as you continue to soar and shine.


We’ll meet by phone a minimum of twice a month for the length of your bespoke recorded program. I’ll even take notes for you so you can relax into the work and have those as well.

Enjoy Flexibility—meet weekly or biweekly. Choose longer sessions, 90 or 120 min sessions vs 60 mins. We’ll simply reconfigure your time purchase. Example, a 6 session mentoring program (360 mins) may be scheduled as:  6(60min) or 4(90min) sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

Special added value bonuses include: Distance Energy Healing weeks (max of 3 weeks depending on package), Bonus Recordings and downloadable meditations for package participants.

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