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this program includes Reiki I & II Certification

Oh momma, dem vibes, dem vibes

Are you empathic? Intuitive? Yearning to be a healer?

Do you have vibes sometimes? Are your dreams your gateway to EVERYTHING?!

What would your life be like if you could open up more intuitively?

Would you feel validated? More powerful?

How would stronger intuitive alignment improve your relationships?

Your health? Your work? Or your intentions?

Do you know how you are meant to use your vibes?

What type of Empath are you?

Your sense of self, your decision-making power, parenting, relationships, even your ability to get through each day—ALL of these improve with greater connection to your innate intuitive powers. Even your money relationship & outlook expand!

Let’s identify & discuss your personal intuitive goals so we can dig in to expanding your personal alignment field.

One of the biggest gifts each of us can have, particularly us women—is to have steadfast unshakeable alignment with our own Intuitive gifts!

Reconnecting that is VITAL to your soul’s strength & well-being.

It gives you Goddess power, balance, and wisdom! (Wisdom is gooood!)

So, let’s identify and decode your intuition. Up your vibes.

I’ll help you find & GROW your superpowers.

It’s time to reclaim your balance of sacred feminine energy.

This applies to all beings—regardless of gender—for the good of the planet!

Come forth ye sleeping empaths, you weary Light bearers, awakening Light beings, mystical souls, inquisitive intuitives, sensitives, soulpreneurs, et all…come forth!

Your magic is in your vibes…we need your ancient stardust to twinkle and glow!

This is the way!

We may focus on one or more of these healing areas:

  • Building your next-level Inner Practice to ground, direct and move you forward
  • Learning how to Intuit, Heal and Manifest with Reiki (First Degree & Second Degree*, and/or Third Degree – Master Practitioner and Master Teacher**)
    *Attunements to Reiki I & II Levels requires a minimum 6-12 session mentoring program to help support your success as a healer and can be included here as part of your unique program, however it’s not required.
  • **Any program involving the attunement to Reiki Third Degree (Master Practitioner or Master Teacher requires prior certification training with me at I & II levels) or learning how to give intuitive readings requires a minimum 12-session mentoring program.
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides
  • Exploring Energy Healing & Medical Intuition
  • Creating, Clearing and Working in Energy Fields
  • Giving Intuitive Readings including Past Life Readings
  • Ways you can use your healing gifts to help serve the world!

If you would like to learn Reiki with me, this is your package.

This is where healers are born, practices are birthed and you up-level!

We’ll meet by phone a minimum of twice a month for the length of your bespoke recorded program. I’ll even take notes for you so you can relax into the work and have those as well.

Enjoy Flexibility—meet weekly or biweekly. Choose longer sessions, 90 or 120 min sessions vs 60 mins. We’ll simply reconfigure your time purchase. Example, a 6 session mentoring program (360 mins) may be scheduled as:  6(60min) or 4(90min) sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

Special added value bonuses include: Distance Energy Healing weeks (max of 3 weeks depending on package), Bonus Recordings and downloadable meditations for package participants.

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Choose Your Program Length

6 Sessions/3 Months, 12 Sessions/6 Months, Single 90-Minute Mentoring Session, Single 120-Minute Mentoring Session