Time sensitive things happen & require added support! Radiate once again. Sleep securely.


Radiate once again.

Sleep securely knowing that wherever you are, the Master Healers & I are working on your (or your loved ones’) behalf, allowing you to arise feeling more peaceful and calmer each day.

Everything is energy! Distance Energy Clearing & Energy Healing work is a necessary part of health. Just like your car, home, clothes, and body need to be cleaned regularly—so does your energy field.

Distance Clearings & Energy Healings are not a reading session, so there’s no “appointment time.” Distance Energy Healing in your biofield happens behind the scenes…so there is nothing else you need to do after you purchase and send in your intake form. 

Your treatment time in my queue is now EXPANDED. Choose a Single Week, or Multiple Weeks up to 6 months at a time! 

And, since formal reports are no longer created — this allows me as your healer to use more of my chi for doing this profound work for you while you’re in my Distance Clearing & Healing queue. You’ll be notified by my office when your intake has been reviewed and work is set to start; then off I go behind the scenes to do the good work! 

Simply relax and live your life. My office may reach out at a conclusion and ask if you would like to renew.  

Receive energetic support as you go about the business of living. I’ll work in your energy field amplifying and adding more Energy Medicine to what’s already Divinely Right and infinitely good about you!

Distance Clearings & Healings are a great gift to give yourself, or a loved one who is going through any type of challenge, including a downturn, feeling blocked or ‘stuck’ energetically, or experiencing a healing challenge such as illness, surgery, chemotherapy, a breakup, etc. 

Purchase Distance Clearings & Healings for yourself, a situation, or on someone else’s behalf (even pets!) 

Choose from a single week, multiple weeks, or emergency weeks depending on the condition and circumstances that brought you here. 

Simply purchase, provide the required intake form (Distance Clearing & Healing Request Form), then Laura goes to work behind the scenes.
Then relax! We’ll confirm receipt and let you know when things begin so you can watch for changes unfolding.

A Single Week of Distance Clearings & Healings can be effective for short term situations involving time sensitive outcomes, such as a medical procedure, court date, upcoming test or professional event, and short illness recovery. 

Multiple Weeks of Distance Clearings & Healings—Get in Laura’s Healing Queue and stay there a while!  These valuable weeks provide you the insulation of knowing you are able to get clear and stay clear for a set period of time…allowing you to live with more alignment, less stress, and more availability for the best frequencies in your biofield. These are the preferred choice by clients. (And your healer!) Since it’s easier to stay up and clear once you are already there!

Emergency Weeks of Distance Clearings & Healings (whether a single week or full month) includes extra passes of all forms of healing and clearing work applied. This is ideal for extreme situations where urgency and highest stress prevail in order to help support ongoing grounding, clearing, centering, and healing. When it’s extreme and urgent, your bio-field appreciates the added support!

Plan your Distance Clearing & Energy Work to begin prior to the event whenever possible…as it can help shift energy, open up chi, lessen stress, minimize pain, side effects, and promote faster healing.

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