What is Sudden Phobia Or Anxiety Related To?

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Dear Laura,
I am 48 years old and have been driving since I was 16. Recently I began to have anxiety, fear and now terror about driving over bridges. I have been leaving early and taking different routes to avoid driving over them, but there are only so many excuses I can give. What is going on? Why am I suddenly having such problems with something I’ve done thousands of times before? Am I losing it?
— J.M., MA

Dear J.M.,

This actually is more common than you think, and is likely related to a past life event (i.e., things are going along just fine, until you approach a certain age, and whamo! – it triggers off cellular memories from events from another life time. Suddenly the women who’s driven over thousands of bridges can’t bring herself to drive over one more). I suggest you seek out professional hypnosis to help you uncover the event that needs releasing. Chances are you’ll discover that when you were this age in another lifetime, you had a life-altering event involving a bridge. You didn’t do anything to bring this on. The natural process of aging just reawakened something that was dormant. With professional guidance, you can witness past life events unfold as if watching a movie, and use “reframing” to calm those resurfacing cellular memories. Don’t wait much longer to have peace of mind again. And happy safe driving!

Laura Scott
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