What is Reincarnation? Has Everyone Done It?

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Dear Laura,
What is reincarnation? Has everyone done it?

Hello Curious,

Reincarnation means rebirth of the soul into another body. One easy analogy for this is to liken your body to a car. When your car wears out, you get another one…and so too does the soul. We get just one body perincarnation (that’s why it’s so important to take care of it!).

Most people have experienced reincarnation, though there is often no conscious memory of it. I have had many clients ask me about this in session, sometimes wondering what their total incarnation number is (aka ‘how many past lives have I had?’). The important thing to know is quality, not quantity. Make the most of what you do in the here and now, and the ever after will be that much better when you get here.

Laura Scott
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