The Unsettling Feeling of Falling Backwards in Meditation

The Unsettling Feeling of Falling Backwards in Meditation

Hi Laura,
During meditation I reach a certain point of relaxation and then I feel like I am falling backwards. It’s very unsettling and it startles me out of the flow of meditation completely. What is going on?
a fan

Dear Fan,

You are starting to astrally project and a falling sensation is common when folks are leaving their body. A lot of folks leave their body without even knowing what it is…have you ever started to fall asleep, even begun dreaming you were somewhere else perhaps slipping on a stair or hearing a noise, and then jerked yourself awake? It’s the same thing. You are out of the body and when the conscious mind is still on, it says, “hey, this can’t be right,” and yanks you back.

Astral Projection is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just moving the spiritual body (the etheric body) out of the frame of the physical body. A beautiful golden cord assures that the etheric body is always attached to the physical body. When you are outside of the body you can travel, explore, go across town, remote view and more! Each time you meditate you probably don’t want to astrally project so retrain yourself to stay grounded and centered during meditation…relaxed but still in your body. When you want to astrally project, remind yourself to go further (outside of the physical body) and to ease out gently. That should help with feeling less startled. Have fun!

Ancient Stardust