“Be gentle with yourself. Then pass that same gentleness to others.” ~ Laura Scott


Reiki Certification Classes

Reiki (Ray-Key) is Universal Life Force Energy that is transmitted through the hands of the practitioner or their intention. Energy Medicine is one of the fastest growing fields in integrative healing with some impressive statistics on it’s powerful benefits. TV host Dr. Oz has regular segments helping to educate the masses… There’s a reason why energy medicine has been around thousands of years…IT WORKS!

Laura is a natural born Channel for Healing, and has been a Reiki Master Teacher for almost 20 years. Her Reiki students are folks just like you…who want to learn healing for themselves…and for others!

Professional Certification Reiki Classes

Reiki hands and energy
• Level 1 & 11, and
• Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

Laura’s reiki classes are designed to be small in size…guaranteeing you lots of up-close, personal contact with Laura so you can learn from a Master Healer on many levels! Classes are certification intensives, with complimentary healing modalities.

• Reiki 1 & 11 (no prereq.)
• Advance Reiki Training-ART (prereq: Level 1 & 11, practicing 8-12 months)

3/28/15: This was an amazing experience. My original intention was to attend the class in order to meet Laura as she has been my spiritual guide for many years. However much to my pleasant surprise, the class blew my socks off! Literally. I basically learned spiritual energetic healing from a Master. And my spirit shifted during this experience. I now have a new level of awareness. My soul remembered to come here and learn what it already knew. As Laura said, it is enlightened engraving. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who feels drawn because your soul is calling, because it remembered and wants the switch turned on. ~ Raquel V. Perry

brandenburg-50492_1280Have you ever wanted to learn Reiki Energy Healing? Are you looking to take your existing Reiki practice to the next level? Does the idea of a learning vacation, in a beautiful, and intimate setting, with like minded folks appeal to you? Does learning with a world class healer like Laura Scott, and hanging with her for two days sound like fun? Well, here’s your chance!

Reiki (Ray-key) is the ancient Japanese healing technique for relaxation and stress reduction that promotes healing. This powerful healing modality is a valuable tool for yourself, your family, your loved ones, your pets, or for a profession. Come and learn…. and experience this gentle, safe, integrative healing technique from a world class healer!

3/28/15: My mother and I enjoyed this weekend with you Laura, much more than the “You Can Do It” tour by Hay House. Thank you for your time and for teaching us Reiki. I am so grateful my mother and I got to attend your last Reiki class. Thank you for all that you do. We feel very blessed! The space you chose, and the way things flowed was perfect. Thank you. ~ Melissa Saeng-On

Why learn Reiki?
• It’s spiritual healing/self-improvement almost anyone can use on themselves or others.

What are the benefits of Reiki?
• Promotes health for yourself and others
• Relaxation
• Enhances quality of life and wellness
• Pain reduction
• Treats whole person: mind/body/spirit
• Reduces stress/tension
• and more!

3/31/15: Thank You so much…we all had a good time with Laura and it was a thrill to meet her…especially for my daughter she has been want to meet Laura for so long, we are glad to take class with her. Thank You ~ C

Why come learn with Laura? Simply put, she is a Master Healer, Channel & Teacher. She strives to find the best, most relaxing special space, since receiving your Reiki training and attunements is a sacred and memorable time…something that only happens once in your life…it can be highly impactful and meaningful experience for participants.

3/30/15: Thank you so much! It was wonderful….It was such a wonderful experience and class …Again, thank you for all of this. The entire experience was simply beautiful and incredible. Ms. Laura was amazing ~ RP

Who can learn Reiki? Almost anyone….Senior citizens, Moms, Dads, and all decades in between…even teenagers. (Participants need to be old enough, and mature enough to understand the materials, books, and information given.)

4/8/15: The class was amazing…I had an awesome experience. Just to meet Laura was overwhelming, then the reiki put my experience over the edge! I send Laura a thousand thanks and all the love a soul can muster. Namaste. ~ Danny

While practice takes place during class, in order for your attunements to take hold and your Reiki to lift off, it is expected that you will set aside additional time to practice after class is over as discussed in class.

Committing to this additional time each night before bed for several weeks, or its equivalent, on yourself, and if possible with one, or more, (such as people from your Reiki class or with members of your family or friends) is vital to your success. This additional practice is necessary to gain the experience and confidence you need to fully utilize your Reiki training and open up your pathways as a Reiki healer.

3/28/15: Thank you for everything you have done for myself and for my daughter. We really really enjoyed it, and I learned so much. Anytime you have another class we want to come! We will come. This was really something good, amazing, and important to know… You have done so much for my daughter I was excited and happy to meet you, and now I see why. ~ Nong

reiki1-img-handAdvanced Reiki Training (ART) — Itinerary
Pre-requisite is Level 1 & 11 certification with 8 months of practicing minimum. Laura’s previous students (with at least 8 months of practice) are welcome, as well as other Level I & II Reiki practitioners from other teachers.

Receiving ART is about upping your level as a healer and the precursor to learning to be a Master and teacher.

Students must take ART if you want to take Reiki III/Master Level in the future.

reiki pic 4th chakraAdvanced Reiki Class (ART) is a combination of interactive lecture, discussion, attunement, and experience. Practice time includes using the new symbols. Advanced Reiki is the spiritual pathway step towards teaching Reiki and broadening your healing practice. It is the last step before Master class.

Helping Families Heal

reiki earthDid you know you can arrange a private Reiki class for yourself and your family or friends? This is an EXCELLENT way for families and friends to come together over a healing crisis, learn a skill, and rock the healing…for their loved ones, the caregivers, for themselves…a win-win…(and we all know how Laura loves win-wins!).

If this is something that might benefit you or your family…call us!— in a 1-1.5 day intensive, Laura can certify a group of people and get you moving in the right direction towards healing…why feel overwhelmed and lost in a health crisis when there is SO MUCH that you can do???
Call us
, Laura can help! And…if possible, she’ll travel to you to teach as well!

Did you know?

Animals love Reiki! You can also use it to help your pets heal!

Time for a Tune-up?

Already Reiki certified? (here or elsewhere?) Want an attunement from Laura?
Wish you could take a ‘tune up class’ with her? ….well you can! Laura is always happy to support healers. Give us a call… Namaste!

Level I & II, and Advanced Reiki Classes
For other info on classes, please email us

“I am thinking of what St Ignatius told us… He pointed out two criteria on love. The first: love is expressed more clearly in actions than in words. The second: there is greater love in giving than in receiving.” ~ Pope Francis