Private Group Events

Fun and moving for your guests of all ages! Laura loves private group events!
Events can be customized to meet the need of your group….from the delicate layers of bereavement work… to teaching aspects of spiritual growth… to private readings and channelings,… or workshops…Laura has done it all.

Past events have included: empowerment play, intuition development, past life regressions, ‘a day in the life of a psychic,’ mini group readings, meditation workshops, private reiki classes, how to connect with your guides, understanding the Universe and more!

Group events can be fun, uplifting, healing, and help you through stressful times…as well as leaving you feeling recharged and inspired after some time around Laura’s healing channel.

These events take place in person with Laura at prearranged locations. Past participants regularly remark on the positive uplifting effects often lasting for days and weeks.

Contact the office at 1-866-897-1504 to discuss your ideas for your special group!