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Secrets to Getting a Great Distance Reading

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When it comes to wanting to utilize a professional energy worker and their Distance Reading services — you aren’t alone. In fact, you’re in some pretty good company.

Why are distance readings the secret of successful people?

Many high-end professionals, executives, doctors, dentists, lawyers, judges, CEOs, politico’s, decision-makers, business owners, creative innovators, self-employed, soulpreneurs, and folks like yourself look to professionals in the energetic fields for higher insight and energy medicine healing every day. They often tell us we’re “one of their best-kept secrets!”

How have readings helped successful folks?

Successful people use readings to help them navigate their personal relationships, improve their family stress, up-level their professional paths, and much more…just like you would want to. The difference is instead of asking several different random readers, they avoid the confusion that creates along with the extra work of sifting and sorting what each different reader said.

Most importantly, they have a much smaller, more efficient pool of just one or two trusted “go-to” sources for their energy work.

This creates less financial waste, less stress, and more efficient use of their time. It also leads to more empowerment opportunities for them—since experienced professional readers can provide continuity in their readings and support the progression of a client’s soul work.

As a professional metaphysician & energy worker myself, my clients use my expert insights for things like:

  • Determining their best paths and timing strategies
  • Growing their situational understanding
  • Gaining helpful perspectives for dealing with different personal and professional matters
  • Learning what to look out for when considering new ventures
  • Receiving expanded validations of their own intuition, along with new options they hadn’t yet considered
  • Expert advice and counsel on how to best navigate what’s ahead
  • Increasing awareness on how something in the present relates to patterns in the past they may be working on
  • Decision making and choice narrowing
  • Connecting the larger energetic dots
  • Relationship sorting
  • Navigating a health challenge

…and so much more!

A good relationship with an expert reader can save a successful professional time, money, and stress.

Just like you, successful people want their loved ones to be safe and happy. Their kids to be alright. Sometimes we can excel in one area of our life, while another area simultaneously contracts and challenges us profoundly. Soul Readings can provide good energy medicine work that helps successful professionals to keep the flow going so they can live their best, balanced life year after year.

How can a reading help you be successful too?

Before you take a promotion, would it help you to know some inside traits of your new boss or colleagues? Would it make your life easier to know if your present employer is ever going to value you and promote you? Or that you are better served to look for a new position in a specific area? Or to make a career change? Maybe it would save you years of heartache to know that the person you are chasing/dating isn’t the type of soul who is capable of what it is that you are seeking. Or it might help you to have some insight into what is going on in your body, and how small shifts can help lead to big changes.

Support. Clarity. Peace of mind. These things have a magnified impact.

A good reading could help you identify, extract and heal from being cat-fished. Or avoid repeating an abusive relationship pattern. It will help you understand more of who you are and leave you feeling like you are better equipped to handle the upcoming chapters.

A good reading can help empower you to remember and know your worth again. It can aid you in fulfilling your soul’s plan and purpose. Help you to understand your soul’s life themes better, and how to stay in balance so you can live your best life. As a Mystic and Soul Specialist, my readings have the goal of empowering my clients, with information and insight, and the custom support tools they need—including personal affirmations, soul tips, validations, and channeled bits of exquisite ancient stardust just for them.

A good reading can save you countless hours of fruitless struggles, heartache, searching, and loss—while putting into perspective painful times so your soul can move forward:  Learning, healing, growing.

5 best kept secrets on choosing a reading specialist

Here are five secrets to help you get the most from your experience.

1. Determine what you are looking for.

What are you looking for? Focus on what you need so you know which type of practitioner to choose.

When it comes to energy work, practitioners are NOT all the same.

There are different healers for distance readings:

  • Intuitives
  • Mediums
  • Psychics
  • Mystics
  • Psychic-Mediums
  • Healers
  • Channels
  • Soul Specialists
  • Energy workers
  • etc…

Each of these are different and separate specialties, providing different services for different needs.

Mediums, for example, specialize in communication with the departed. A session with a medium will likely involve more contact with your loved ones on The Other Side than say, a reading with an Intuitive or Psychic, however, some Intuitives and Psychics are also Mediums. Are you newer on the metaphysical & spiritual path? You might have a different intention or entry point than someone who’s been dabbling for years. A little more experienced? You may want a Soul Specialist, a Mystic, or a Channel.

Knowing what you are seeking, or having even a rough idea will help you to narrow down the playing field. Do you just have 2-3 general questions or 30-40 specific ones? i.e. Do want to know if this partner is the one? Or do you want to know that and more about why it’s going the way it’s going, what to do, why you are picking people like this, how to change the pattern, what to look out for, ways to be more empowered, have you known this person before, and more…

Some practitioners give many specifics that will resonate with you to support, empower, inspire, and help you as a soul to up-level and understand your life themes, and the soul work of those around you. Other readers relay clear fragmented bits with no support for soul empowerment. Some will solely help you receive messages from your loved ones. What do you want?

2. Remember, no two professionals in the field are the same.

Just like no two humans are the same, and all our fingerprints are different. The same is true in metaphysics. Each practitioner will have their own way of working and their own unique style, specialty or specialties. Which makes sense, right? This is accepted in other professional fields— no two dentists, doctors, hairdressers, engineers, singers, chefs, therapists, athletes, artists, attorneys, plumbers, directors, actors, admins, teachers, trainers, etc…no two are exactly the same.

Think of each metaphysical experience as new, and let your expectations go. This will help you to stay present, open, and available to what is occurring so you can get the most from your experience and professional interaction.

3. Ask friends for recommendations. Do your own research.

Have you ever had a friend recommend a movie or a restaurant that they RAVED about as the best thing ever? Yet that same thing for you was something just only ‘meh’ on your own personal scale? Everyone is different.

Take their recommendations as a great starting point for beginning your own investigative research. Ask what and why they liked it. Check out the recommended person’s website, and see if you connect or relate to what’s written there. You might find when doing your research that there are other suggested names coming up in the search results that you wish to investigate more. What intuitively speaks to you?

4. Once you choose a practitioner, follow their guidelines for a great experience.

Each practicing professional in metaphysics is unique. Pay attention to their office instructions on how they like to work so that you can get the most from your interaction. Most offices will ask you to prepay for your session time and to pay for any time you use beyond that period. Reading their office guidelines before your session helps you to be informed, respectful and not to make assumptions—since every office is different.

Some practitioners may request images of people or objects be sent, others may specifically ask that you not send them anything. Channels may work off your specific questions during sessions and ask you to prepare a list so that you‘re ready, while some Psychics prefer you to say nothing until after they have. Other practitioners like Mystics and Soul Specialists may prefer you to interact as they assist you in up-leveling your life.

Practitioners will let you know what their personal style of working is before they begin. The field of energy medicine involves each practitioner working in their own nuanced ways.

5. Don’t assume, ask.

Don’t assume you know what to do if you’ve never been to that practitioner before, or if you haven’t been there in a while. Energy practices (and Practitioners) evolve, same as other professions. If you’re not sure, just ask. Our goal is to help you to have the best experience you can.

Part of what makes the field of energy medicine so amazing is that practitioners have unique, highly honed, rare abilities to use their senses, often at super-fast speeds.

When I am working with clients, I simultaneously lift up into higher quantum energy fields while remaining tethered to this three-dimensional one here. This means that normal things— like your ambient background noise, your speakerphone, using your car to sync your phone speaker—might sound disproportionately loud or be disruptive to highly sensitive energy practitioners. While you may not hear or notice the disruptions at all, the practitioner may feel them in a multi-sensory way.

Things like added noises may take a toll and be distracting to some practitioners, so whenever possible, try to follow any guidelines given. Before your session, go to a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted, breathe a little, organize your thoughts and intentions.

Energy medicine work takes a certain amount of Life Force Energy for practitioners to hold higher frequency space open for their clients while they work which is different than other forms of work.


Using these secret tips will help you to hone in more on what you want to know, who to ask for it, and how to find them. It will help you to be a great client—whether it’s for a one-time reading session, or a reading every few years when you feel you need some clarity and enhancement to your life.

Your willingness to use these will help to give you a more meaningful and successful Distance Reading experience.