“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” ~ Bob Marley


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Laura has now been reading and doing healing work professionally world wide for over twenty-four years! That’s thousands and thousands of clients, and returning clients!
30 mins/$225, 65 mins/$444
Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries (some legitimate/some nefariously sent in bulk ‘fishing’ for deals), we’re simply overwhelmed and cannot at this time offer any further discounts. Consider a downloadable product if a service is not in your budget at this time…you will get a LOT of Laura’s Light for your investment!
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Yes, she knew she was different from her earliest memories, and often felt very confused and anxious. She thought everyone else was wired this way…and couldn’t understand how others around her were behaving the way they did if they were receiving as she was. It made those around her very uncomfortable and she caught a lot of beatings and abuse at home for “knowing too much.” As a result, Laura learned to keep it to herself, all the way until her twenties when she fell head over heals in love…and it began to spill out in gushes as Laura felt more safe.
“Yes, I believe in God. We are well acquainted. I was raised Catholic, and eventually grew outside of that container embracing a different spiritual path. I have a sacred place in my heart for organized religions of all varieties. The question really is…do they have a place in their heart for those who’ve awakened into Higher Consciousness like myself?… My church is now the Church of Nature, because I believe in the interconnectedness of all things.” ~ LS
“Currently, a LOT of Matisyahu—I find it hypnotic and meditative to listen to his lyrics speaking to his spiritual struggle and love for God. U2 & Pavarotti Sing for Children of Bosnia live concert; many instrumental and New Age artists; Ludovico Einaudi; 70’s stuff. I’m always listening…new/old. Madonna, Rebel heart tour. Music is art and art is everything—Life!” ~ LS
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“Be the light you wish to see in the world.” ~ Laura Scott