Psychic Pets…Is Your Pet Psychic?

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Understanding How Our Pets Use Psychic Energy

Can a pet be psychic?
Yes! Animals live in a different energy frequency than we do and aren’t as mentally cluttered as we are. This helps them access the psychic stream of energy around us. Because of this some can also be highly intuitive and empathic, making them perceptive to our emotional states and bodily changes as well.

Can pets see spirit?
Yes! They have natural ‘antennas’ to the spirit realm and regularly ‘see things’ most humans can’t. Notice how your pets’ behavior changes — responding to things you can’t see – whether jumping over something in your empty hallway, or taking great pains to walk around it. Perhaps they are looking up excitedly responding to someone who’s not visibly there.

Does my pet know my thoughts?
Sometimes! Since animals typically live in the present moment: there is only ‘now’ in their world. They aren’t as encumbered with ego as we are. When information comes to them on the energy field — they receive it as a matter of fact — without deep analysis or doubts. When humans receive intuitive information from the same energy grid we commonly struggle with our ego and mind wondering “how it could be?” that we know something. Yet, the very definition of intuition is knowing something without knowing how we know it. Animals simply accept it as fact and move on.

Animal Zen
When animals have intuition they take the information as is and respond. They don’t debate the possibility of whether what they saw was real or not – to animals, it’s all equally real. Most animals don’t waste time second guessing themselves. If they see something in their way, they move around it. If they are being invited to play by a spirit or a human and it feels like a good idea to them — they indulge. If they sense something that worries or stresses them, they react. They are in the moment.

Don’t they have better senses?
Yes. Many animals are extremely good at sensing things. Their hearing, sight and sense of smell are more acute than ours. They have sensors in their paws, whiskers, tails and mouths. When they smell the breeze, they pick up far more than our olfactory system can. Pets are also very perceptive on picking up on people’s energy and auras. They react on several levels…from sensory to extrasensory perception (ESP).

My pet can have ESP?
Yes. Animals use their ESP regularly. This is how your pet knows when you’re having a bad day and comes to comfort you. Your aura changes with your emotional energy and animals pick up on changes in the auric field. When your heart is hurting over a breakup, your animal patiently allows you to cry and wipe your tears on their fur. When you feel alone, your pet drops their favorite toy in front of you. Just back from surgery, and they come looking right where it aches. When you need a break from your computer, they put themselves in your path and remind you need some fresh air…NOW…and they are right!

Wait, there’s more!
Animals also communicate telepathically. Pet owners who watch their pets interact with each other know this. Telepathy is wordless communication. And since they can communicate with each other telepathically, it would stand to reason that if we tuned in they would with us as well. The first time one of my cats, spoke to me telepathically on his own it shocked me. Clear as a bell his words rang out in my head. It was a moment that forever changed the way I dealt with pets and put animal interaction on a whole new level. From that moment on we regularly ‘spoke’ with each other telepathically and my other pets began to join in as well.

Want to try telepathy on your animals?
It’s not hard. Think of your message. Keep it simple. Relax and say it to them inside your head. You’ll know animals are ‘listening’ because often they will look slightly away and hold very still when they are communicating telepathically with each other, sometimes shifting an ear. Yours may even be shocked when you start telepathically connecting with them. After you send your message, breath, and relax. If they’re going to respond it will come swiftly into your mind, immediately. Their response might also be a subtle change in their physical body or coming over to you affectionately. Telepathic messages are very fast — quicker than internet speeds. Most animals keep it simple and effective.

The power of mental pictures
Instead of sending short phrases using telepathy with pets, send them a mental picture of what you want known. If you want to send them love, send an image of you hugging them, praising them. Watch how they smile at you when they get it. Remember: It doesn’t necessarily work if your pet is asleep. Keep it short and simple. Start with picture messages while you are with them in the same room and watch for ‘acknowledgements’ in their reaction or body language.

Do pets understand time?
Yes and no. Pets don’t tell time. They use their senses to quantify hunger, need for movement, functional urges. They are aware of things like light changing and you being there to feed them. Using telepathy to send them pictures can help with this. Leaving for work? Send simple telepathic image to your pet of you leaving, your pet relaxing, follow immediately with the image of yourself returning later. If you will be back at night, include that in your image.

Use telepathy to help prepare your pets for travel
If you will be gone several nights send the image of your pet sitter arriving with sunrises and sunsets, happy to see and help them. You can also send the number of how many ‘nights’ it will be before you return. Keep it simple. Animals don’t know days of the week. They know now. They know to measure by night falls and sunrises. If it’s three nights, show three sunsets and sunrises. If you will be back before the full moon, send them that image. You can also use telepathy while you are away to check in and send love.

Science of telepathy
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a UK expert who researches and publishes on this fascinating field of telepathy involving our pets. Next time you are away from home, send your animals the telepathic image of when you are on your way home. They may already know! A fascinating study of his in the UK showed that many animals ‘knew’ when their owners were leaving work and heading home for the day. Even if the owner varied the time they left work, at precisely the same varied window of time their dog would get up and adjust their position to one of anticipation and greeting near the door or window. How did these dogs know that their owner would soon return? Telepathy. It’s believed that as the owner began to get ready to leave work for the day they began to shift their thoughts to returning home — in essence, sending their thoughts ahead. Like a good radio signal, their animal’s ‘antennae receiver’ then picks up that signal and presto, the animal ‘knows’ that their owner will soon return home and they assume the waiting position.

Is every pet a talented psychic?
No, although on a bad day many are still ahead of us. They aren’t caught up in self-doubt, analysis or ego. Some pets are better at it and more open to it than others — others are too tense — just like us humans! Some pets refuse to converse with humans directly due to abuse, neglect and trauma previously suffered. Other pets use their vibes to know precisely when to steal food off the counter/pantry/plate/trash, when to crack open your brand new sofa cushions, or when to chew up your favorite family shoes!

Some animals take their jobs seriously…whether it’s hunting, guarding, or protecting their pecking order in their pack. They may have their plates sufficiently full with low interest in human telepathy. There were only a couple times one of my friend’s dogs wanted to telepathically chat with me. However, when I was recovering from a serious medical event and arrived post-surgery to convalesce at their home, he greeted me out of his norm by quite forcefully pushing his snout at the area still tenderly healing and telepathically saying “THERE!” He repeated this 2-3 times before he was quickly removed from the room. However, I fully understood the thrust of his overly exuberant message—something mighty had indeed happened, exactly right there, where he had honed in. And he wanted me to know that he knew.

Practice, and breathe
Practice with your pets and experiment with telepathy, see how they react. Some may begin to respond telepathically with words. Others may appreciate your images or pictures and respond to you with affection and behavioral changes. Practice, be relaxed and remain patient.

Let the animals show you how (and if) they like to connect with you. You can’t force them to talk telepathically and open to you psychically. Some send words only rarely. Typically, in short sentences with meaning: “This is welcome.” “Most enjoyable.” “You help.” “You are kind.” Enjoy this!” Some send streams of pictures and feelings.

Growing together
Remember, your pets have feelings too. They appreciate knowing what’s up. Tell them what’s going on if the routine is changing or company is coming over. Use mental imagery: mentally holding a picture of folks coming looking calm and happy. If a contractor is coming to make loud noises, use mental images of your pets being safe and undisturbed in another room. Some pets vaporize when they telepathically know it’s time to go to the vet. Instead of replaying that, telepathically send the opposite. Ask for cooperation and reassure them telepathically.

Raising your vibration to this level of understanding can be a game changer. This new awareness will help your relationship with your pets grow to a beautiful, deeper, connection level. Once you open up to pets this way — you can use this with all creatures wild and domesticated.

Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.