Is Global Warming Real? (from 2006)

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Dear Laura,
Are we having global warming? Will this crazy weather be better in 2006? Should I move? If so where? Worried

Dear Worried,

Yes, we are undergoing global warming. It’s real. The earth’s temperatures are rising and the polar ice caps are melting at unprecedented rates. A warming ocean means a rising ocean and also causes all sorts of issues. Weather patterns are changing and the new ‘norm’ is that we are existing in an unstable weather paradigm. Just look at the number and intensity of hurricanes last year for starters. 2006 is going to be another turbulent year of weather of all types. The frequency of tornadoes, windstorms, hurricanes, mud slides, earthquakes, and more are increasing. This continues for the next decade. A good rule of thumb during such a time of shifting is to always keep an eye on the weather in your travels. Raise your awareness, not your paranoia and you will be fine.

Laura Scott
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