“When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you are near truth.” ~ Rumi


Interviews with Laura

The Power of Meditation to Transform Your Life!

Bob Olson: Today’s interview is about the power of meditation to transform your life. I’m interviewing Laura Scott, psychic, spiritual teacher and channel for healing, as well as the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Divining The Future. Laura has developed an entire series of meditation CDs to help people master the meditation process. Her five CDs focus on: 1) Grounding & Centering, 2) Higher Purpose, 3) Healing Meditations & Affirmations, 4) Healing Meditations & Affirmations II, and 5) Intuition, Manifesting & More.

Laura, I constantly hear people touting the benefits of meditation. People are attracting abundance into their lives with meditation, healing with meditation, reducing stress with meditation, and literally transforming their lives in numerous ways with it. So my first question to you is: How can meditation affect so many different areas of our life?

Laura Scott: Hi Bob! Good question. Meditation can affect so many different areas of our lives because simply put, it involves working with a Universal power or energy that permeates everything. Our minds are made up of this energy, we are also a part of this energy and everything around us is made up of this energy. At any given moment, we have the power to tap into this Higher energy and experience a positive change.

Each one of us is more powerful than we have ever believed. Absolutely anyone can tap into this limitless source and when we do so – things happen!

Bob: Can you explain to me what meditation is and how it works?

Laura: Meditation is redirecting the mind into a new direction. It can sometimes involve thinking about something contemplatively, or intending something. Other times it may be making a plan. For others it’s about shifting from a state of ‘auto-pilot’ -how we spend the vast majority of our time-into a more conscious form of thinking, breathing, walking or even sitting. Meditation can come in countless forms include ‘zoning out’ or ‘spacing out’, exercise, chanting, drumming, gardening, and more.

It works because we are taking our thinking minds temporarily ‘off line’ and accessing into something powerful and limitless. When we are willing to suspend our thinking and rational minds, we can slip into a state of higher consciousness or altered consciousness. It is in this state that we clear out our stress, receive Higher guidance, and experience the bliss that comes from feeling connected with all things. I like to compare it to cordless phones: without regular time in its’ charging base, they will eventually run out of juice. We’re no different, without some time for meditation and spiritual pursuits, we too feel like we are running out of juice.

Remember our thinking minds are running constantly. Scientists have been studying the mind and determined that on an average day men and women think 40,000 to 60,000 thoughts! That’s a whole lot of running on a hamster wheel!

Bob: Meditation seems to be one of those things that many people find hard to do. I know that I often fall asleep when I meditate. Other people have told me that they can’t stop their mind from thinking about things. Yet, so many people practice it regularly. Is there a secret to making meditation easier?

Laura: Definitely! Find the form of meditation that most appeals to you. There are many, many different types of meditation and not all forms will work for everyone. Some are more challenging than others, like still Point meditation. Others are more accessible and don’t require a lot of study, like a walking meditation. Personally, I enjoy many different types and depending on the time frame I have available, the mood I am in and more, I choose from them. People should remember that they aren’t the same energetically everyday, so if they are struggling with finding time to meditate, mix it up a little. There are a lot of great meditations that don’t take oodles and oodles of time.

Bob: Personally, I’ve had more success with guided meditation. For instance, whenever I have had a past-life regression, the hypnotherapist always seems to be able to guide me into a much deeper meditative state than I can on my own. Is there a reason that guided visualization makes meditation easier for some people?

Laura: Yes, because it’s easier to follow directions as they are being given to us than it is to try and memorize or remember those directions by yourself (and all while you are attempting to relax and alter your consciousness!). By focusing on someone’s voice and instructions many people find it much easier to get out of their own heads and into a much deeper state of altered consciousness. They get more results.

Bob: I know that you use guided visualization on your meditation CD series. How did you choose the visualizations that you use on these CDs?

Laura: From experience. I was seeing the needs of my clients and the struggles so many people face to understand why meditation works and why it fails. I was concerned that the existing choices were either too complicated or incomplete. I chose the visualizations in my series to help support busy people. That way if someone only had 5 minutes, there is a track on the CD for them. If someone has more time, there are tracks for that as well.

The imagery itself was channeled to me. I have a really great team of guides and Ascended Masters who work with me each day to help clients.

Bob: I know a lot of people like to meditate with music. How does music
affect the meditation process?

Laura: Music changes the biochemistry in our body and brain. It deepens the relaxation effects and in some cases can even be used to impress the body/mind & spirit with positive thoughts for healing, harmony and change.

Think about it, music is such a powerful mood alterer that companies pay to pipe it in to elevators, on telephone holds, and even into outdoor public areas. When it is used in a directed way, music and sound play an integral part in mood altering and healing.

Bob: Now, I’ve had a lot of success with your meditation CDs, which incorporate both guided visualization and music. Tell me about the music you chose for your CDs. Is there something special about this music that helps listeners get into a deeper meditative state?

Laura: Yes, isn’t the music great? I love it. I worked with an upcoming New Age composer, Matt Berky, and he did a fantastic job working with me creating a customized sound for each meditation in the series. We used music and sound in a very directed way to help the listeners achieve a more altered state. It has to do with sustained frequencies and combinations of frequencies that literally change our brain waves and level of consciousness, but the bottom line is it’s all very relaxing and soothing while at the same time uplifting. The results have been incredible and everyday people are writing in to say how much they are getting out of their meditations with these CDs.

Bob: Are there other tools you recommend that can help people with their meditation?

Laura: Oh yes! I recommend using the Ancient Stardust Progress Journal because it’s super easy to use and styled more like a workbook. Keeping a journal is important if you are hoping to increase your meditation success. If you write down your meditation results, any messages and insights you received during meditation, and then you have your own “truth proof” of your progress. If you get an image during an meditation that doesn’t make sense to you then, you can write it down in the progress journal and come back to comment on it another day. That’s why it’s such a special journal, you have room to come back to things days, months, or even years later.

The Ancient Stardust Directional Cards are also a great starting point for a meditation. The artwork is stunning and provides a great visual reference, and the guidebook includes suggestions for meditations as well.

Bob: I know that each CD in your series is focused on a specific benefit: grounding & centering, higher purpose, healing, and intuition & manifesting. Why did you create these particular CDs rather than just one general meditation CD?

Laura: Because one size does NOT fit all! There are so many needs that meditation can assist with. The series will continue to grow. If people are overwhelmed at where to being first, Grounding and Centering is the core of the series. If someone has tried to meditate and failed before, this CD will help get them over the hurdle and on their way. One of my personal favorite meditations is on that CD, track 4, “The Spotlight”….it always leaves me feeling re-energized and high!

Higher Purpose, that CD is creating a phenomenon. I originally wrote it to help people communicate with their angels, and spirit guide and receive messages. But deceased loved ones (both the two legged kind and the four) have been coming in during that meditation and bringing comfort and peace to their loved ones.

The Healing CD’s are for redirecting energy and restoration. There are two so far, and another in development. They are for healing on all levels, not just the physical body. One is designed to induce a deep restful sleep as you hand your troubles over to the Master Healers. The other is for taking care of self.

The Intuition, Manifesting & More CD is a tool for attracting positive changes into your life. You use it once a day for thirty days and as good things begin to happen.

As you can see, each CD has a completely different focus, giving people a chance to experience many different meditation benefits and results!

Bob: You use breathing exercises at the beginning of your meditations. How does breath work help with meditation?

Laura: Breath work is essential to successful meditation. You see when we are stressed out, all of our energy or chi goes up into our head (remember, 40,000-60,000 thoughts a day!). During stress and daily living, we tend to breath less consciously and more shallowly. We live up in our heads. Meanwhile, all of our lower chakras-the ones that ground us, give us intuition, and a solid, stable foundation-are essentially being cut off. Breath work pulls our energy back into those important lower chakras and anchors us while giving us back our balance. Balance equals results!

Bob: I should mention before we close that we are lucky to live in a time when CDs are so prevalent, since they make meditation so much easier. For instance, your CDs are set up so that the listener can skip past the breathwork and get right to the meditation, if they want; or can choose between a six-minute grounding, centering and clearing meditation or a twenty-two minute mindwalk meditation. And that’s just the higher purpose CD. If you have the whole CD series, you have all sorts of choices. A few years ago when using cassettes, this wasn’t quite so easy.
Is there anything else you want to add about meditation or your meditation CDs before we close this interview?

Laura: It is always helpful when choosing a guided meditation CD to see if you like the person’s voice and the music they have used. In other words, try them on. A CD can have a great message, but if the voice it is recorded in reminds you of your mean uncle Harry, you won’t ever use it. Readers can listen to sound bites from my CD’s on my website. If they like what they hear, they will do really well with them.

Bob: And how can people contact you if they want to purchase your meditation CDs or learn more about your services?

Laura: They can visit my website at www.AncientStardust.com and purchase them securely on line, or call my office toll free at 1-866-897-1504 and speak with a staff member.

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne