How Do We Perfect Enough To Be Done With Reincarnation?

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Dear Laura,
I have been told by everyone who speaks of reincarnation that we do this to better ourselves and become perfected enough to go back to God. If each lifetime brings on new problems and different mistakes than how do we ever get perfect enough to not to have to reincarnate again?

Dear D.,

Great question! Actually, what’s interesting is that we are the own judges of our life experiences. We are the ones who decide if we can do it better, or differently upon reexamination. This all happens in a process known as your life review. During our life review, many are overwhelmed with not only ALL that they experienced and felt, but with all the feelings and experiences that their actions had on those around them. There is a lot of support for souls when they go through this process, because the knee jerk reaction can be, “let me go back and do better!” but with much support and counseling, we learn from our life reviews and to slow down a bit as well. Yes, eventually we do reach levels of perfection and move on from the reincarnation process.