How Do I Find Happier Partnerships?

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Dear Laura,
I have not managed to have a happy relationship yet though I have been married twice and lived with another man for four years. I am presently involved with a bachelor. We’ve known each other for three years and we’ve gone steady one year. Is there any chance he’ll commit and that I’ll finally find some peace in my life? Please advise. Thank you,

Hello Margaret,

Okay, deep breath, it’s time for a reality check. Not only have you been depressed for many years, but you seem to think that the answer will come from somewhere or someone outside of you. Peace can only come from within you M. Until you improve the relationship you have with yourself first, you are heading for another let down.

And at the rate you are traveling, if you aren’t careful you’ll be unsuccessfully married for the third, fourth and even fifth time, all the while feeling restless and unhappy. Like it or not, you are the common denominator in all the relationships you have had. Put the focus there, and use this as an opportunity for learning, growing and changing. This is the perfect time to seek some professional counseling for yourself and deal with the depression you have carried all these years.

Learning new ways to love and respect yourself changes the lens you look at life with. It also changes the types of partners you attract into your field. The right professional will be able to help you with some western pharmaceutical support-which you need to jump start your system and level your chemicals off as you begin facing your depression and mental work. If you don’t face it now, it will keep following you around like a shadow-leaving you feeling empty and more depressed. Make the call for help today friend. You deserve it. I wish you peace and much success.