How to get to the Magic & Miracles!

Everyone’s talking about Meditation. Report after report lauds it’s benefits. The merits are undeniable, and the movement is steadily GROWING! New studies praise its benefits and positive effects on health issues, stress, sleep, students, athletes, workers, creative types, parents…basically folks just like you!

What about those of us who’ve gone through particularly painful things…like illness, trauma, PTSD, grief, loss, betrayals, heartache, abuse and more…these types of things benefit greatly from meditation. But ironically, so often those of us in a crisis or recovering from one simply can’t get out of our own way in order to do it! Or, we just don’t know how.

So what about you?…

• Are you a frustrated meditator?
• Do you wonder what everyone else is getting and you’re not?
• Have you undergone trauma or hardship that prevent you from focusing?
• Would you like to FEEL BETTER?
• Is your life filled with too much heartache and stress?
• Are you just too busy?
• Would you like to take your meditation to a higher/deeper level?
• Do you feel like you are missing out and not getting it?

If you answered yes to any of these…or wondered what you are missing in the meditation picture…
This package was created just for you!

“I will give you the insider tips and tools to help you step over your roadblocks. Let’s reframe this and get you poised for meditation success! You CAN do this!” ~ Laura Scott

Learn. Relax. Recharge.

Join Laura and her amazing healing presence for an expert’s inside look at what meditation is, isn’t…and how you can break through to the magical place and find your inner peace…where the miracles are!

Laura makes it super easy! She breaks it down into digestible bites and helps you get out of the breakdown lane and into the progress lane. Don’t wait!…relax, recharge, reconnect yourself with your inner space…that healing place within…where the miracles happen!

This downloadable includes a Power Talk packed with insider tips on styles of meditation, techniques, and more. You’ll learn quick, proven methods to up your results and increase your flow. Afterwards, Laura has prepared a special Guided Meditation designed to help you let go, heal and embrace your Ancient Stardust. As an added bonus, you also receive a extra meditation in this empowering package bundle! You get over 90 minutes of Laura’s info rich insight and moving meditations!

“…moved me to tears, I felt a real release….” ~ M.L.

“I learned so many new things that I can start using immediately!” ~ J.

“…a master class with a master healer and experienced metaphysician.” ~ L.A.R.

“Your voice told me to trust and feel safe…so I did. Thanks for the magic Laura!” ~ anon

“Outstanding! A real lift for those like me standing on the sidelines needing support, compassion and an expert hand.” ~ M.K.

Come glow with Laura! :~) She makes it sooo easy…

How to get to the Magic & Miracles!
Downloadable Pkg $49.00

– Expert tips on how to improve meditation
– Magic & Miracles Healing Meditation
– Bonus Meditation!

Yes you can! …and you are so worth it!

More Downloadables!

Stress Less Meditation Download

Experience the magic of the Ancient Stardust within you!
… Relax, recharge, remember…POWERFUL
This guided meditation takes you back to a simpler time and infuses you with LIGHT. Laura guides you through a magical journey back to where ease is the norm, and you can recharge.

Come join us in a safe place. A place where your soul can reconnect and gain important insights in this liberating and restorative guided meditation. Feel like a younger version of yourself — the one before all the stress crept in! You deserve it.

Laura’s Stress Less Guided Meditation Event…20 minutes of Heaven!
Relax, unwind, restore yourself to an easier time.

“…so wonderful. I really felt free….”

“I really got lost in the whole thing…Awesome!!!!”

“Your voice is a real gift… so calming and warm.”

“One of your best yet! I was truly transported!”

Stress Less Meditation Download $8.00

– Restorative guided meditation
– Opportunity to receive messages

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