Do Dogs Communicate After They Have Passed?

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Dear Laura,
Is there such a thing as a communication from a dog of mine on The Other Side that had been a special friend? Do dogs communicate after they have passed on? My dog passed on July 25, 2003. He was my best friend. I was just wondering if only people could be contacted. The question has been driving me crazy. Is it possible? Thank you.
Sincerely, –Dorothy

Dear Dorothy,

I am sorry for your loss friend. Our society is just beginning to understand that the loss and grief for any being we have loved is equally significant. You have had a death in your immediate family, and that must be respected in order for healing to occur.

Yes! Absolutely animals can be contacted in addition to people. Your dog is around you, and yes, that is him you are seeing out of the corner of your eye, and at times hearing in the house. Talk to him out loud, just as you did when he was here on the earth plane in physical form. He will enjoy that. Listen for him in the twilight hours, perhaps telling you happily of his new adventures and wanting to share them with you.

He will look vibrant, and youthful, and be full of energy (we ALL will on The Other Side). And remember, healing your heart takes time. Consider joining an on-line support group (visit www. Griefand, surrounding yourself with photos of him and happy memories. An era of your life has ended, and a new one is beginning. That is significant. When it is time, and you are ready to meet a new companion and make another friend, the opportunity will present itself. You can even ask your special friend to steer you towards the right match. He will be happy to help you. Many hugs and condolences on your loss D. You were blessed to have such a wonderful friend, and to be one in return.