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Lectures and Keynote Speaking

Laura speaks, teaches and talks on topics to help empower the soul.

Her workshops can be tailored to your private group needs.(Sample list below)

Laura is available for radio, pod casts, private events & custom classes.

A few of the metaphysical topics Laura speaks on:

* Soul Work & The Akashic Records
* Energy Healing
* Spirit Guides
* Meditation
* Holistic Healing & Energy
* Cancer & Recovery: Survivor & Energy Practitioner’s Perspective
* Universal Energy
* Grief & Loss — Coping & Recovery
* Trauma from the Soul’s Perspective
* Overcoming Abusive Relationships
* Manifesting
* Human/Dolphin experiences
* Energy & Sound Healing, Finding balance in techno advancing world
* Natural Healing
* Intention & Manifesting
* Dreams & Psychic work
* Past Lives and their role in present healing
* Relationship Life Lessons
* Universal Laws
* Affirmations
* Intuition & psychic development
* Soul Themes

Laura Scott is available for radio, podcast, speaking engagements, and television appearances.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Diving the Future
“Ask Laura” column

Radio Appearances

* We Don’t Die Radio, Sandra Champlain
* Hay House Radio
* The Good Life Show, Syrius Satellite Radio
* Lime Radio
* Ultimate Girls Getaway Weekend, Bermuda
* Mary Jones Radio Show
* WDRC 1360, WMMW 1470, WWCO 1240, WSNG 610 In NY, CT, MA, & RI
* Laura Lee Show
* Live in Washington State
* The Gabriel Wisdom Show
* Business Talk Network

In the Press

* Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine
* Magazine
* Spirit of Change Magazine
* City Shopper, MA
* The Hartford Courant

Professional Reviews

“Wonderful show Laura, you’re a fabulous guest! I could talk with you for hours! Our listeners will get a lot out of this. Thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are…”

Sandra Champlain
Best Selling Author
Host of WeDontDie”

“Laura was a true delight to have on my radio show Spirit Connections. Her wisdom and guidance to the callers were inspirational, and truly uplifting. Her warmth and compassion could be felt right through the airways, as she touched so many people’s lives. I would love to have Laura back as a guest in the future.”

John Holland
Psychic Medium, Author, HayHouse Radio Host

“One of our very favorite guests, Laura is extremely talented at what she does and I would imagine that amongst her peers, and in peer reviews…she’s at the top of her field! She regularly leaves our switchboard lit up and our callers on fire asking for more…you were great again today Laura, just amazing! We can’t wait to have you back!

Jesse Dylan
Nationally syndicated Talk Show Host, Syrius Satellite Radio
The Good Life Show

“Laura has been a regular on my talk show for over a year now, and she is consistently fantastic. Listeners frequently email/mail/phone me wanting to know the date and time of her next appearance, and the phones literally light up each day she is on. She possesses a natural warmth and genuineness that encourages listeners to feel comfortable with her. In addition…..her track record is unbelievable as far as accurate readings she gives people. The combination of her personality, style, and psychic talents make for a great guest we look forward to time and time again!”

Mary Jones, Host
The Mary Jones Show
Talk of Connecticut

“Laura has been on the Mary Jones Show numerous times and always amazes the callers with her intuitive advice. She gets many follow up calls to tell her just how accurate she is. Her cheery personality and care for people plainly comes across over the airwaves.”

Wild Bill Hall, Producer
The Mary Jones Show
“The Place for Home, Health and Tips for Daily Living”
WDRC-AM 1360, WWCO-AM 1240, WSNG-AM 610, WWCO-AM 1240

“…a reading that will bring forth a new depth of insight to help stretch your spiritual growth—with messages that reach into the very core of your being and touch upon some issues that you may have been avoiding…an hour of enlightened wisdom that could propel you to a new level within your soulful journey…”

–Bob Olson, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder
AfterlifeTV, BestPsychicDirectory, OfSpirit, GriefandBelief

“…wonderful presentation…the ladies loved you and commented on your nurturing and caring personality!”

Nadja Piatka
CEO Nadja Foods, Host of The Ultimate Girls Getaway, Bermuda
Nadja’s pajama party