Do Feng Shui Objects/Symbols, etc Need Cleansing?

Dear Laura, I read your article about objects holding energy. How about feng shui objects and symbols and even crystals? Since these items are considered lucky because of how they are molded and their meaning is also positive does that mean that it will only vibrate to positive vibes and frequencies? And cleansing is all ... Read more

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Seeking A Long Lasting Relationship Please

Dear Laura, Why am I not having any success attracting the “right” type of person to create a lasting relationship? When I do find someone and we are mutually attracted, he is not the type to enter a long term relationship. Lately I just don’t seem to be able to meet/attract anyone. Is this the ... Read more

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Grieving A Beloved Animal Companion

Dear Laura, I just lost my much loved and best friend Charlie after 11 years. I miss him very much and am having a hard time dealing with the sense of loss. I don’t know where to turn, since everyone seems to think, “oh, it was just a dog!!” as if it shouldn’t matter that ... Read more

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Five Year Old Talks To Angels In Her Sleep

Dear Laura, My 5 year old daughter keeps telling me that she talks to the angels when she sleeps. At first this was cute, but now I am beginning to worry that she is too obsessed with it. She has very vivid dreams and nightmares, and also talks in her sleep. What do you think ... Read more

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Dealing With An Uncomfortable Coworker

Dear Laura I work in a large office and am having trouble with a coworker “T”. This person sits near me and is constantly complaining, negative and needy. They don’t have any other friends in the office, so when “T” gravitates towards me I am at a loss as to what to do. I have ... Read more

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Why Are Some People Psychic And Others Not?

Dear Laura, Why are some people psychic and others not? –the morning walking club Dear MWC, The answer is simple. Balance. We need all kinds of folks on all different levels to help make the world go round. Think about it, why are some people artistic while others are not? Why are some folks great ... Read more

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Is My Dog Psychic?

Dear Laura, My dog knows when I am coming home even though it is a different time each day. He waits for me at the window. How could he know? Is he psychic? –Stacey Jill Dear SJ, Yes, but in a different way than us humans are. Companion animals are very sensitive to our energy. ... Read more

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What Is The Significance Of The Harmonic Concordance?

Hi Laura, Can you (or the Committee) provide information regarding the significance as well as the affects of the upcoming Harmonic Concordance, physically and spiritually? Thanks & Blessings –Julia Dear Julia, These events are part of all of our Divine Contracts in order to help reawaken us to our higher energies and life work. They ... Read more

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Grieving from Animal Euthanasia

Dear Laura, This year I lost my beautiful pet Jason. He was put to sleep do to complications from diabetes. I often wonder if I did the right thing, and does he know how much I love him? I told him that when he got Home to let me know he made it alright. That ... Read more

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Nine Year Old With MS

Dear Laura, I have a friend who has twin boys (age 9). One was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy about a 1 1/2 years ago. He has went from showing symptoms to total wheel chair bound within this year and a half. Are there any cures in the near future? Or is there anything that will ... Read more

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How Do I Find Happier Partnerships?

Dear Laura, I have not managed to have a happy relationship yet though I have been married twice and lived with another man for four years. I am presently involved with a bachelor. We’ve known each other for three years and we’ve gone steady one year. Is there any chance he’ll commit and that I’ll ... Read more

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Fears of Meditating

Hi Laura, I have a fear of meditating. Any ideas why? Thank You, Carol Hello Carol, This is more common than people realize and the reason why I created the Ancient Stardust Tools for Change CD’s to help support and inspire the people that I hear from everyday from around the globe. Lot’s of people ... Read more

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What Do Vivid Technicolor Dreams Mean?

Dear Laura, Sometimes I dream vivid dreams of a beautiful place in vivid technicolor. When I wake up I feel sad that the dream is over. What does this mean? What are these dreams trying to tell me? Why do I feel so sad to wake up? K. Hello K., You are on The Other ... Read more

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Intention vs Willingness

Dear Laura, Thank you for all you do to help others. Can you tell me if you believe in intention? How is that different than willingness? –UK Hello UK Yes, I absolutely believe in intention! The difference between intention and willingness is this: Intention is directing your focus towards a goal or purpose. Willingness is ... Read more

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What’s The Difference Between Karma And Fate?

Dear Laura, What is the difference between fate and Karma? I often feel a strong connection to another person and believe we have had past lives together. Do we always have to repeat past life issues or are we here again with the chance to resolve those issues? If someone hurt you or thought you ... Read more

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Can Someone Have Memories Of Being On The Other Side?

Dear Laura Is it possible for someone to have memories of being on the Other Side? –JF Yes it is! This phenomena is more common amongst older souls who often have a sense of homesickness for something that doesn’t exist here on earth. Others experience a blurring of boundaries catching snatches of memories and recollections ... Read more

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How Can I Help My Grieving Friend?

Dear Laura, How can I help my grieving friend? Bless your heart for caring. You can help your grieving friend by listening and offering them a safe place to just be with their grief-that means not judging them, not trying to fix them, not rushing their process-simply allowing them to have their grief space. Whether ... Read more

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Why Do Some Souls Choose Such Difficult Paths?

Dear Laura, What is the current explanation for why this life is so miserable for so many people (Rwanda, Haiti, Sudan, and inner city ghettos everywhere, etc) while others appear to have a much easier time? I’m asking this question with the supposition that we make pre-birth agreements and choose our existences. What could be ... Read more

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What Should You Do When A Friend Lets You Down?

Dear Laura, What should you do when a friend lets you down and doesn’t get it when you try to tell them? anon. Dear Anon., We’ve all been there and it definitely hurts. If they don’t want to listen, aren’t willing to take it in, don’t accept responsibility or don’t want to ‘get it’…then you ... Read more

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Is Global Warming Real? (from 2006)

Dear Laura, Are we having global warming? Will this crazy weather be better in 2006? Should I move? If so where? Worried Dear Worried, Yes, we are undergoing global warming. It’s real. The earth’s temperatures are rising and the polar ice caps are melting at unprecedented rates. A warming ocean means a rising ocean and ... Read more

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Beware of Scam Artists and Cons

Dear Laura, A woman says she is a healer and can cure my terrible shyness if I give her $300. I am in need of help but am unsure. She prays and attends church so maybe I can trust her. What do you think? —HG Dear HG, Do not give this person your money. This ... Read more

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Learning to Stay in Your Own Lane

Dear Laura, Why do people get offended at someone wanting to offer something that may better their life? —Just trying to help Dear Just Trying, Because they didn’t ask for your help. And who are you to say that one life is better than another? There’s nothing worse than unsolicited advice pointing out how silly, ... Read more

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Forgiving The Abusers In Your Past

Dear Laura, I am a 62 year old grandma having a terrible time forgiving my mother and sister for some awful things that happened to us in the past, including sexual abuse. They continue to dismiss my attempts to discuss things and bring them out into the open. Contact with them is full of barbs, ... Read more

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Can Objects Hold Energy?

Dear Laura, Can objects hold energy? Like furniture? — Betty F. Dear Betty, Absolutely! All objects are made up of atoms and atoms contain energy. Did you ever enter a room and feel an emotion like joy or sadness or tranquility? Even empty rooms and houses have energetic impressions. So do gardens, vehicles, stones, clothing ... Read more

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Are Guides And Angels Always Watching?

Dear Laura, Do angles and guides or spirit beings watch us whenever they want or need to, or are they always around us watching? If so, do they see everything we do? — Suddenly Self-conscious in Watertown Dear Suddenly, This is a great question. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but in addition to our ... Read more

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Are Animals Healers?

Dear Laura, Why do you say that animals are healers? Curious Hi Curious, great question! Because they are. Studies show that petting animals lowers blood pressure, eases depression, changes heart rates and lifts the spirit. More and more animals are becoming healing partners by being utilized as therapy animals for the elderly, ailing, children with ... Read more

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Overcoming a Difficult Soul Plan

Hi Laura, I was born to a teenage mother and heroine addicted father who later abandoned us. My mother was so shamed that she was pregnant with me that she refused to name me. I was told that a nun/nurse working in the Labor and delivery room named me. My life has been a ton ... Read more

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