Do Feng Shui Objects/Symbols, etc Need Cleansing?

Dear Laura, I read your article about objects holding energy. How about feng shui objects and symbols and even crystals? Since these items are considered lucky because of how they are molded and their meaning is also positive does that mean that it will only vibrate to positive vibes and frequencies? And cleansing is all ... Read more

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Grieving A Beloved Animal Companion

Dear Laura, I just lost my much loved and best friend Charlie after 11 years. I miss him very much and am having a hard time dealing with the sense of loss. I don’t know where to turn, since everyone seems to think, “oh, it was just a dog!!” as if it shouldn’t matter that ... Read more

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Choosing The Right Psychic Medium

Dear Laura, Yesterday, I thought I would treat myself to an early birthday gift and, following some careful research on the OfSpirit website, booked an appointment with a psychic medium of high repute. I have always been interested in these things and have had some prior experiences many years ago which hinted at there being ... Read more

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Dealing With An Uncomfortable Coworker

Dear Laura I work in a large office and am having trouble with a coworker “T”. This person sits near me and is constantly complaining, negative and needy. They don’t have any other friends in the office, so when “T” gravitates towards me I am at a loss as to what to do. I have ... Read more

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Coping With A Partner’s PTSD

Dear Laura, My husband is diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is on several medications. I find it hard to reconcile with his condition. I don’t feel it is right to make his condition the center stage of our lives. Have I been doing the right thing? Will he eventually get better? Thank ... Read more

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Dealing With An Abusive, Disrespectful Family

Dear Laura, I am having a huge problem with my family. My family is having problems taking me seriously and respecting my boundaries. I recently gave birth a few months ago and against my expressed concerns, my relatives exposed my child to a contagious, incurable disease. When spoke up, they twisted it around and made ... Read more

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Navigating Nuclear Family With Jealous People

Dear Laura, My husband and I have been separated for almost four years now. He has lived with his girlfriend for three years and they have been having problems for some time now and are seeking counseling. He and I are great friends and he calls me almost everyday although he & don’t think we ... Read more

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How Can I Be Sure My Brother Is At Peace?

Greetings, I would like to know if and how we can send good wishes to our deceased love ones. I once heard a medium tell a woman to “send him good thoughts”. How can I be sure that my brother is at peace? –Sio Dear Sio, The reason for sending our deceased loved ones ‘good ... Read more

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Why Do People Seem Reluctant To Mention The Dead?

Dear Laura, Why do people seem reluctant to mention the dead? Anonymous Dear Anon., To quote Stevie Wonder: Superstition. In past times people thought that by mentioning the dead you were conjuring up uncontrolled spirits and making yourself susceptible to their evil doings. Others believed that it left the dead unable to rest. Hollywood still ... Read more

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Nine Year Old With MS

Dear Laura, I have a friend who has twin boys (age 9). One was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy about a 1 1/2 years ago. He has went from showing symptoms to total wheel chair bound within this year and a half. Are there any cures in the near future? Or is there anything that will ... Read more

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How Do I Find Happier Partnerships?

Dear Laura, I have not managed to have a happy relationship yet though I have been married twice and lived with another man for four years. I am presently involved with a bachelor. We’ve known each other for three years and we’ve gone steady one year. Is there any chance he’ll commit and that I’ll ... Read more

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Fears of Meditating

Hi Laura, I have a fear of meditating. Any ideas why? Thank You, Carol Hello Carol, This is more common than people realize and the reason why I created the Ancient Stardust Tools for Change CD’s to help support and inspire the people that I hear from everyday from around the globe. Lot’s of people ... Read more

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How To Find or Have Faith

Dear Laura, I am someone who has been very pessimistic and insecure for all her life. I have read a lot of materials on synchronicities. I can see them all right. Not that I don’t feel grateful for them, but there are times I just seem not to be able to bring myself to really ... Read more

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How Do I Feel Better About Myself?

Hi Laura, I have very low self esteem and am destroying myself with negative thoughts. How do I feel better about myself? I have done some bad things in the past and now it is all erupting in my mind and I can not take it. I would be very happy if you have any ... Read more

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Can A Psychic Tell You About Your Health Issues?

Dear Laura, Can a psychic tell you about health issues you might face now or the near future? Yes, if they are experienced in and wired for health intuition. Depending on how experienced they are, you may get ideas, concepts, facts, descriptions, time lines and so forth. Some will see images, others can ‘feel’ the ... Read more

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How Can I Help My Grieving Friend?

Dear Laura, How can I help my grieving friend? Bless your heart for caring. You can help your grieving friend by listening and offering them a safe place to just be with their grief-that means not judging them, not trying to fix them, not rushing their process-simply allowing them to have their grief space. Whether ... Read more

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No Peace With The Loss Of A Loved One

Hi Laura, I really haven’t been at peace with the loss of my loved one. There are specific reasons why and they really make me extremely sad. I have heard spirits see things differently when they reach the other side. I feel my loved one doesn’t look at me the same way as they did ... Read more

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Can We Make Ourselves Sick?

Hi Laura, My question is…..Can we make our selves sick? My daughter in-law who has been married to my son for 8 years turned from a healthy young woman to a woman who is now on a social security disability. You name it she has it!! She is a diabetic, has lumbar spine disease, is ... Read more

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What Should You Do When A Friend Lets You Down?

Dear Laura, What should you do when a friend lets you down and doesn’t get it when you try to tell them? anon. Dear Anon., We’ve all been there and it definitely hurts. If they don’t want to listen, aren’t willing to take it in, don’t accept responsibility or don’t want to ‘get it’…then you ... Read more

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Is Global Warming Real? (from 2006)

Dear Laura, Are we having global warming? Will this crazy weather be better in 2006? Should I move? If so where? Worried Dear Worried, Yes, we are undergoing global warming. It’s real. The earth’s temperatures are rising and the polar ice caps are melting at unprecedented rates. A warming ocean means a rising ocean and ... Read more

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Healing Attraction To Wrong Partners & Raising Self Worth

Dear Laura, I am’s newest fan…having ‘MET’ you via Bob Oslon on I seek your guidance concerning an on-line friendship/relationship I recently ‘LET GO’ of after seven months. He had a habit of ‘disappearing’ for weeks (with no apology or explanation). Is he playing a mind game? Perhaps I am at fault here? ... Read more

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What is Sudden Phobia Or Anxiety Related To?

Dear Laura, I am 48 years old and have been driving since I was 16. Recently I began to have anxiety, fear and now terror about driving over bridges. I have been leaving early and taking different routes to avoid driving over them, but there are only so many excuses I can give. What is ... Read more

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Are There Negative Effects of EMFs On The Body?

Hi Laura, Do cell phones and computers have a negative EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) effect on the body? H.D. Hi H.D., Yes they do. We would all do well to limit use and be sure to get outside regularly. Some folks like to use Q-link technology to counterbalance the stress effects technology creates with EMF ... Read more

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