Can We Make Ourselves Sick?

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Hi Laura,
My question is…..Can we make our selves sick? My daughter in-law who has been married to my son for 8 years turned from a healthy young woman to a woman who is now on a social security disability. You name it she has it!! She is a diabetic, has lumbar spine disease, is bi-polar and on and on and is CONSTANTLY coming down with all kinds of illnesses. Her kids are always sick too. I’m worried that my son may be brainwashed into thinking there is something wrong with him also.
Thank you for your answer.

Hi Barbara,

Yes we can absolutely make ourselves sick. Our thoughts are very powerful. There is a lot of great material published on this metaphysical subject. Check out the work of Louise Hay, or the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” I suggest that you focus on being a power of example to the grand kids and offer a different perspective. With one of their parents so unstable, be a calm, steady presence. Be conscious of what you say and don’t say when you are around them. Give them tons of attention when they are well since that combats the converse belief of needing to be unwell in order to get attention. Your son won’t be brainwashed… but he is a bit perplexed!

Laura Scott
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