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Follow A Religion Vs. Live Life And See What Happens At Death

Dear Laura, Should we follow a religion to believe in God, or live our lives and see what happens after death? –Rene Starink, Crete, Greece Dear Rene, Great question! In contrast to some powerful religious factions, I believe that we are each free to worship in the way that feels right and comfortable to us. ... Read more

Cancer Leads To Spiritual Awakening and Arguments Over Treatment

Dear Laura, Over 3 and a half years ago I dealt with an episode of cancer. Since then, I have been well, and undergoing a truly beautiful spiritual awakening. I feel completely different about so many things, and have been choosing more spiritual paths. Recently, I was diagnosed with another suspicious mass. I am getting ... Read more

One Thing You Can Do To Improve Communication with Your Guides

Dear Laura, What is the one main thing a person can do to improve their communicating with their guides? –Roberta Dear Roberta, Two words: Pay attention! Suspend your linear mind as best you can, and raise your awareness to the things happening all around you. Guides are governed by their own set of Universal Laws. ... Read more

Suggestions to Connect With Guides After Loss of A Loved One

Dear Laura, I recently experienced the loss of my dear brother. Like Bob Olson, a real skeptic and one who usually reasons away strange occurrences, I found myself experiencing a strong sense of his presence. Telling myself that it was grief that was causing these feelings, I tried to put them away. However, they began ... Read more

What Is The Significance Of The Harmonic Concordance?

Hi Laura, Can you (or the Committee) provide information regarding the significance as well as the affects of the upcoming Harmonic Concordance, physically and spiritually? Thanks & Blessings –Julia Dear Julia, These events are part of all of our Divine Contracts in order to help reawaken us to our higher energies and life work. They ... Read more

Can We Be An Old Soul In One Realm Then Wander Around Here Lost?

Dear Laura, Can you be an “advanced, old soul” in the spirit realm having great abilities, knowledge and come to incarnate on earth and be like an infant, relying on intuition only and wondering what is this all about? –Dorothy Dear Dorothy, Yes and no. Certainly, all souls must go through the birth process here ... Read more

Why Do People Seem Reluctant To Mention The Dead?

Dear Laura, Why do people seem reluctant to mention the dead? Anonymous Dear Anon., To quote Stevie Wonder: Superstition. In past times people thought that by mentioning the dead you were conjuring up uncontrolled spirits and making yourself susceptible to their evil doings. Others believed that it left the dead unable to rest. Hollywood still ... Read more

Can Someone Have Memories Of Being On The Other Side?

Dear Laura Is it possible for someone to have memories of being on the Other Side? –JF Yes it is! This phenomena is more common amongst older souls who often have a sense of homesickness for something that doesn’t exist here on earth. Others experience a blurring of boundaries catching snatches of memories and recollections ... Read more

Why Do Some Souls Choose Such Difficult Paths?

Dear Laura, What is the current explanation for why this life is so miserable for so many people (Rwanda, Haiti, Sudan, and inner city ghettos everywhere, etc) while others appear to have a much easier time? I’m asking this question with the supposition that we make pre-birth agreements and choose our existences. What could be ... Read more

Who to Contact to Reach a Deceased Loved One On A Budget?

Dear Laura, Who can I contact to reach my husband’s spirit, when I’m unable to pay for that particular type of service? Thank you, Pam Dear Pam, I am sorry for your loss. Try the Spiritualist churches. Often times during service messages are given freely to those attending. You may find yourself feeling drawn to ... Read more

Healing Attraction To Wrong Partners & Raising Self Worth

Dear Laura, I am’s newest fan…having ‘MET’ you via Bob Oslon on I seek your guidance concerning an on-line friendship/relationship I recently ‘LET GO’ of after seven months. He had a habit of ‘disappearing’ for weeks (with no apology or explanation). Is he playing a mind game? Perhaps I am at fault here? ... Read more

Are Animals Healers?

Dear Laura, Why do you say that animals are healers? Curious Hi Curious, great question! Because they are. Studies show that petting animals lowers blood pressure, eases depression, changes heart rates and lifts the spirit. More and more animals are becoming healing partners by being utilized as therapy animals for the elderly, ailing, children with ... Read more

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