Knowing What You Know

Sometimes having vibes means expressing something unpopular and standing alone, knowing what you know. Several years ago I was contacted by a colleague prior to an east coast event they were having, seems their host’s teenage daughter had disappeared and everyone involved was quite alarmed and feared the worst. Other … Read more

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Janey’s Good Death

Not every call that comes into my office is as simple as some would think. This is part of what makes being a channel for healing so special.

“Janey” was a glorious, sparkling, open-minded woman in her 30’s. She was passionate, determined, talented and beloved. Her light was unmistakable. She … Read more

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Can You Afford Not To Forgive?

During a deep discussion someone close to me revealed that they were unable to forgive themselves for some things they had done. They knew it was preventing them from moving forward with their dreams, but they had absolutely no idea how to get past it. Watching someone you love suffer … Read more

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Is God Trying to Tell You Something?

“Where are you?” I asked my niece Shayna on the phone.

“You aren’t gonna believe this, I am sitting parked on the side of the highway, my mom’s behind me and a trooper is parked behind her,” she replied. “I can’t believe this, I just picked up my second ‘new’ used … Read more

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Do you believe what I believe?

I believe in real butter
and a big country kitchen where your friends can watch as you cook or help you,
laugh and cry with you as we figure out the world, our children, each other,
all the while cooking up life, nourishment and love.
I believe in old fashioned things, like manners, and … Read more

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What’s All the Fuss About Dolphins?

I wasn’t always a dolphin enthusiast. In fact, almost 10 years ago, I confess to rarely giving them a thought. I had other more primal and pressing hurdles to navigate, including going through a painful divorce. But Life, in It’s Infinite Wisdom, always has a larger plan for us than … Read more

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Raccoon Wisdom

I had no idea what I was getting into last summer when I figured that the best way to ‘beat the raccoons’ at their game of raiding my bird feeders was to start leaving them an alternative source of food. My motives weren’t altruistic, they were practical; I didn’t want … Read more

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Psychic Pets…Is Your Pet Psychic?

Understanding How Our Pets Use Psychic Energy

Can a pet be psychic?
Yes! Animals live in a different energy frequency than we do and aren’t as mentally cluttered as we are. This helps them access the psychic stream of energy around us. Because of this some can also be highly intuitive … Read more

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Who Do You Think You Are?

“Who do you think you are?!” I was asked this provocative question recently, in an somewhat hostile way. People often lash out with words towards what they don’t understand or feel threatened by. It’s primal, more of a defense mechanism really. An attempted act at leveling a perceived playing field.

Fortunately, … Read more

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