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“Where there is love there is God” ~ Ghandi



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Are you opening new doors? Adapting? Resetting? Struggling? Healing? Confused? Grieving?
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…Let your light shine and breathe a bit with Laura’s…watch an inspirational video, listen to an uplifting prayer, download her newest meditation, read a kind thought, be inspired to shine!

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red-sandstone-1001723_1920~ How are you doing?
Need help sorting it out? Finding your way again? Schedule your time today and let’s help get you centered and glowing again! You are worth it.

HELLO JANUARY! WELCOME 2018! We are all ready for some new energy! This new year kicked off with a sensational SuperMoon full of feminine energy perfect for self care, introspection, release, and letting go of the past, as you set new goals looking forward to your future. So, are you ready? How are you doing? If you need help sorting something out — I’m here for you!

If you are feeling like you could use some support, a peek, more clarity, validation — reach out and schedule some time for yourself. Let’s do it! Let’s start your 2018 off with alignment of your upcoming soul work! If you need help finding the next steps, I’m here to help.

January 2018 is poised to lay a wonderful foundation for positive change and growth. The question is…are you ready? We’ll have the third of our trifecta of power Supermoons as the month closes. Talk about cosmic boosters!

Meanwhile, as the winter winds blow, let’s remember to send our continued strength and support to all those affected by storms, and fires. Positive healing energy to hard hit areas helps. Love & healing to those affected by senseless violence…prayers for better gun laws!

As always, please keep honoring and embracing the ancient stardust in YOU!
You don’t have to wander through this alone.
Has anyone told you how much YOU matter today? Indeed, YOU DO.
Peace, Blessings, & Gratitude to you. You are why I am here! Love to you in 2018!

Thank you past Obama administration members reaching out. It’s my humble honor to serve you!

sandstone-467714_1920I’m now in my 24th year working professionally, my how time flies! What would I have said to my younger self all those years ago…? Hmmm…Probably…Breathe and yell joyfully as often as you can! And in the immortal words of the great Bugs Bunny…avoid that left turn in Albuquerque. :~)

What does 2018 hold for you? If you are looking for another way to focus, and reset yourself— MEDITATE!
Use the NEW downloadable “Meditation, Magic & Miracles” which helps answer the most common questions I regularly get on…”How can I increase my meditation results?”…Easy!

If you think you could use a little help, support, clarity—we all do sometimes—call the office at 866-897-1504 and we’ll do our best to take good care of you! It’s what we do!

Until then, embrace this day, many Blessings and much peace! ~ Laura Scott



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