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About Laura

Laura is an accomplished author, psychic, medium and channel for healing…who’s been reading professionally worldwide for nearly 20 years. Her clients number into the thousands… from political figures to famous athletes, entertainment figures, CEO’s, doctors, and lawyers, to college students, grandparents and your next door neighbors…each one of her clients receives the same dedication, privacy, attention, and care.

Laura’s work is geared to empower her clients on their personal journeys. Her readings are known for being thorough, accurate, full of humor, compassion, and inspiration. She has worked with all ages, in all phases of life, always seeking to be a Ray of Light for those concerned. Many clients remark on the depth of her knowledge, and range of empowerment that she shares. Remember, you are working with not just a psychic, but with a Channel for healing, the effects are many fold.

Ms. Scott does not need to be with you in order to pull up your life chart, see your information, your past lives and how they’re influencing the present, meet your spirit guides, your loved ones on The Other Side, or to perform a health scan. Her gifts include knowing where the obstructions are that block energy flow and create stress for people. She can see inside a situation, and offer new perspective on why things are the way they are and what needs to happen to facilitate change.

She is here to inspire you to know your highest truths and to remember, …even if only in glimpses, the Truth about who you are and why you came here. Her role is as a conduit for Divine. She works closely with her guides, and Ascended Masters known as The Committee to bring you the Highest and best insights for each situation. Her healing presence, soothing voice, and comforting nature provide inspiration and insight to all those who seek knowledge, peace and empowerment.
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Laura also works doing Distance Clearing & Healing work for her clients, drawing on her natural born skills as a channel & healer, decades of professional experience, and ongoing studies. She is skilled in health scans, past life information, Universal Laws, Guides, meditation, soul charts, integrative healing modalities, several forms of energy medicine and Bach Flower work, as well as dozen years as a talented Reiki Master/Teacher.

Her abilities have led her to many interesting cities, where she conducts readings, channelings, workshops and retreats. For over 13 years, Laura made pilgrimages to swim with free dolphins in the wild. Her readings, lectures and classes all receive wonderful reviews.

Laura was also born under the Mayan astrological sign of the Cib (keeb). Those born with this birth print have highly attuned intuition and serve as galactic conduits for Divine communication from Spirit. Cibs excel in giving enlightened advice, and in making good judgements for others.

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